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  1. Raid days

    I'm voting for wensday but would like to have two or more days as well depending on people and time.
  2. Chapter lead!

    I'm willing to take this on, That being said i would want some help form from others who are on the most such as myself. I'd like to talk more about this in discord though as i dont really like typing out a whole essay.
  3. Playtimes & Raids

    Where has everyone been?
  4. Rank updates

  5. FactionZ Sign Up & Roster

    east please
  6. Chapter Leader & Recruitment Post

    i've tried inviting you... it seems you cant be found it maybe because your off line. If you hop on our discord when your online we can get an inv when you are online . thanks for the insterest in joining with us.
  7. say hello to baby comic

    grats comic

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