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  3. Broadcasting Nickname Arctichaven Discord Nickname Arctichaven# Name Kevin Which streaming services do you broadcast on? 0 If other, please specifiy: Are you active on any social media platforms? 0,2 If other, please specifiy: How long have you been broadcasting? Since I was 16 years of age How serious are you about broadcasting? Sleep. Eat. Work. Broadcast. Eat. Repeat. If other, please specifiy: What's your broadcasting schedule? I generally stream whenever I am free but mostly happens mondays and fridays Tell us about your passion for Broadcasting while we passionately look into your eyes as you tell us. Well. I just love sharing the love of my social life with people while also having fun and making jokes while playing games that I enjoy What do you expect to bring to the Team? (Personality / Creativeness / Helpfulness / etc) I expect to bring a fun time to the plate, making people laugh and enjoy their selves while gaming with me What do you hope that the Team can do for you? Aside from obviously raising your viewership and exposure ;o) Help bring in an amazing community and an amazing time with my viewers and such Are you willing to participate in Team Events when required? Yes! Go team! If other, please specifiy: Will you promote the Team, its members, and the Organization/Brand? Yes! I will bleed Vigilance, or Addiction... Team members are required to assign our specific Directors & Champions as Moderators of their Chat - Are you willing to do this? Yes. I love the help! If other, please specifiy: Team members are required to have our branded Vigilant Addiction logo on their Live Broadcast & Channel Description. Is this an issue for you? Yes. I won't represent the team I'm apart of by putting a logo on my broadcast. If other, please specifiy: Have you reviewed the following? (Check if you have; please take seriously!) 0,1,2 If other, please specifiy: All Finished! 1
  4. What age group do you fall into? 18 - 20 Got a nickname? Arctichaven What's your character name in game? Have you ever been part of the Vigilant Addiction Community? No, I have never been part of Vigilant Addiction. If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question; what game(s) did you play with VA, and what name did you go by? What kind of Gamer do you see yourself as? Hybrid Gamer (Casual when you can; but Hardcore when you need to be) Have you joined us on Discord? Nope! Please help me get setup on Discord! What made you pull the trigger to apply to Vigilant Addiction today? My friend VitalxCap Where did you come across Vigilant Addiction, and find out about us? My friend VitalxCap Were you referred to us by a current member? If so, who? My friend VitalxCap I understand that drama, trolling, and being elitist is dumb. Yes! I understand there are multiple ways of staying active with the community. Which of the following is NOT a way to be active with the community? Joining Discord (Voice/Text). Do you have a secret phrase to add here from the About Us page? "No matter beer or wine, it'll all be fine!" I understand that upon my acceptance to Vigilant Addiction I will respect its members, never cause Drama, never stand in fire, execute to my best ability, and get drunk (when applicable) while having fun playing games and being social. I will also do my best to represent VA and promote its awesomeness to the fullest! Yes! This application was full of awesome and I am ready to join the VA Community! All Finished! 1

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