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  1. Community Modded Minecraft Servers

    My Direwolf20 Server has been updated to version 1.2.0 of the modpack.
  2. Community Modded Minecraft Servers

    Se there was a few issues to begin when I originally set up the server, broken recipes and laggy as a 20 year shit while holding specific items due to desync between client and server... Said issues have been fixed and everything is working at peak performance. I upgraded the server to have the maximum supported ram for Java (Dedicated 16GB server!!!) We shouldn't have any more issues with lag hopefully.
  3. Community Modded Minecraft Servers

    So we have a new modpack installed on the server. Direwolf20 1.12.2 - Version 1.1.0 of the modpack currently. The modpack is available on the Twitch and FTB launchers Server address is the same: Sigiplaysmc.mcph.co All are welcome on the server! Visit Status Page - Current Server Status:
  4. Community Modded Minecraft Servers

    So the SigiPlaysMC FTB Beyond server blew up and when I went to restore the backup things got corrupted. I am replacing the modpack on that server with the Infinity Evolved modpack at the request of several people. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's the same Sigiplaysmc.mcph.co address but running FTB Infinity Evolved version 3.0.1 Release.
  5. Sigibuld's Minecraft Stuff

    Stuff from minecraft.
  6. I have a suggestion for the streams page. If when submitting a stream to the streams page have an option to select between streaming platform for the stream media, I.E. YouTube, Mixer.com, Twitch.TV Once you select the source for the stream it should be able to pull the embed for that streaming service through and API call or just the embed link for the page. I have my stream on Mixer now and the stream is pointing to the old Twitch.TV stream page which I am no longer going to be broadcasting to. Sigibuld, Stream Team Member: Mixer.com/Sigibuld
  7. Hello Vigilant Addiction community members! I have set up an FTB Beyond server for community play and am inviting you guys to participate in it. The FTB Beyond version 1.10.0 server address is: sigiplaysmc.mcph.co - Edit: Upgraded with more memory. Edit: No longer FTB Beyond... it is now Infinity Evolved 3.0.1 Server Status - Edit 3: Fixed broken link Edit 2: I previously had a Project Ozone 2 version 2.3.0 server running as well but it has been cancelled and will go offline permanently on Sept 20 as it wasn't receiving any love... I hope to see some of you guys in game! Sigibuld, Stream Team Member - http://www.Mixer.com/Sigibuld
  8. Sigibuld - mixer.com/Sigibuld - New stream location View full stream
  9. Broadcasting Nickname Sigibuld Discord Nickname Sigibuld Name Michael Which streaming services do you broadcast on? 0 If other, please specifiy: Are you active on any social media platforms? 0 If other, please specifiy: How long have you been broadcasting? About 6 months How serious are you about broadcasting? Sleep. Eat. Work. Broadcast. Eat. Repeat. If other, please specifiy: What's your broadcasting schedule? Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 7PM EST to 9:30PM EST Tell us about your passion for Broadcasting while we passionately look into your eyes as you tell us. I actually used to work for ABC Broadcasting as an engineer. I got to work behind the scenes but always wanted to do something more fun than work on the equipment. When streaming became more gaming oriented I started to watch a lot of different people stream. This has sparked the desire to do more myself. I would love to be a regular streamer of fun and interesting content and VA seems like a great community to be a part of. What do you expect to bring to the Team? (Personality / Creativeness / Helpfulness / etc) I am normally a pretty reserved person but when I'm gaming I tend to come out of my shell a bit more. My personality is a bit quirky and I have a very creative side. I love to do graphics design. I would love to contribute as much as possible to the team both with personality and creativity. What do you hope that the Team can do for you? Aside from obviously raising your viewership and exposure ;o) Help me to get better at streaming as I'm kind of a noob at the whole streaming thing. Any pointers and help would be great. Are you willing to participate in Team Events when required? Yes! Go team! If other, please specifiy: Will you promote the Team, its members, and the Organization/Brand? Yes! I will bleed Vigilance, or Addiction... Team members are required to assign our specific Directors & Champions as Moderators of their Chat - Are you willing to do this? Yes. I love the help! If other, please specifiy: Team members are required to have our branded Vigilant Addiction logo on their Live Broadcast & Channel Description. Is this an issue for you? Not a problem! I'd love to rep the team and its brand! If other, please specifiy: Have you reviewed the following? (Check if you have; please take seriously!) 0,1,2 If other, please specifiy: All Finished! 1
  10. Sigibuld View full stream
  11. What age group do you fall into? 30 - 39 Got a nickname? Sigibuld What's your character name in game? Sigibuld Have you ever been part of the Vigilant Addiction Community? No, I have never been part of Vigilant Addiction. If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question; what game(s) did you play with VA, and what name did you go by? What kind of Gamer do you see yourself as? Casual Gamer (Socialize and Hangout) Have you joined us on Discord? Yep! What made you pull the trigger to apply to Vigilant Addiction today? Have played with FatPally who is a member of VA and it is a fun community and I thought that it would be fun to be a part of the community. Where did you come across Vigilant Addiction, and find out about us? FatPally Were you referred to us by a current member? If so, who? FatPally I understand that drama, trolling, and being elitist is dumb. Yes! I understand there are multiple ways of staying active with the community. Which of the following is NOT a way to be active with the community? Completely disappearing after I take all this time to fill out this Application. Do you have a secret phrase to add here from the About Us page? No matter beer or wine, it'll all be fine! I understand that upon my acceptance to Vigilant Addiction I will respect its members, never cause Drama, never stand in fire, execute to my best ability, and get drunk (when applicable) while having fun playing games and being social. I will also do my best to represent VA and promote its awesomeness to the fullest! Yes! This application was full of awesome and I am ready to join the VA Community! All Finished! 1

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