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  1. I notice this a lot on twitch and its kinda surprising that I see it a lot with partnered streamers. Streamers seem to have some sort of issue with getting there settings dialed in for specific games. Settings for say DOW3 might not work with PUBG. I see it with some stream team members as well but I always make sure to shoot a whisper and try to help them get sorted out. The most common thing i see on twitch is streamed that from time to time look like they are underwater... I dunno if that's the best way to describe it but maybe someone else can chime in lol. And a lot of the time I hear the excuse "ohh its on twitches end" or "twitch is throttling me" and in some cases it could very well be on twitches end. So I figured since we have members who have been streaming far longer then I have. We should have a thread to help members get sorted or where they can ask any questions about obs or other program settings that they may have. My personal OBS output settings are attached. I use NVENC right now cause if anyone has streamed games like battlegrounds its just easier on the rig... And now that twitch no longer limits your bitrate, its not so bad. I will be messing with my settings some more and trying other things out but figured it So yea if anyone has questions or needs any help setting up just ask away. Or shoot me a msg in the discord chat under the same name. We are all here to help each other.
  2. Open Position: Director of Streaming

    I reached out to strikes on discord and was told to post on the forums so here I am. As DemonFreax has already thrown his hat in for the position, I don't want to step on anyone's toes, and I don't think I would be the best at scouting new streamers anyways. But I do want to offer to assist him when it comes to helping new streamers get set up and get there pages right and so on, along with jumping in there streams to show support and making sure everything is running smooth. Unfortunately I had to figure a lot of stuff out on my own when I started streaming cause I wasn't part of this community yet and there was not a ton of info out. So I will gladly help out newer streamers if I can.
  3. visch104 View full stream
  4. Visch - VA Applied

    Thanks I am in the discord the name in there is visching101. I have sent you a msg. I look forward to talking/working with all you.
  5. Visch - VA Applied

    Thanks... Streaming has been interesting so far. I dont have many followers yet but the ones i do have are nice and I like to get them involved in playing. I have played H1Z1 with a a few and so on. I actually started streaming so my cousins could watch in better quality then the built in steam app. But want to get into it more. Figured since I spend most the day playing these games anyways, might as well offer some entertainment to those who would want to watch.
  6. Hey whats going on, my name is Rich aka Visch on just about everything. New comer to twitch but been gaming for god knows how long. Mostly streaming Rainbow six and King of the kill right now. My twitch can be found at https://www.twitch.tv/visch104

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