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  1. Wikkens stuff

  2. ive played this a fewmonths ago it was always fun wtih about 6 or 7 people
  3. Post your ideas here

    Friday the 13th, its not "cheap" but its also not 60$ lol its an 8 player game i belive
  4. How are things in FFXIV?

    its too late to start trying to rebuild in ffxiv, its been around too long now. it would take too long to get a FC up to the rank 8 and all the cred needed to make things run, not to mention all the gil needed to get a house and crafters needed to get an airship running. while i hate to say it but the VA FFXIV ship is sunk and won't come back up. if we wanted va to be strong in ffxiv we should of stuck with it and and pushed harder in coil, alexander, omega and recruiting for static raid groups. but after about 6 months or so with 0 to little progress endgame most found static outside the FC and made new friends. then once people quit and stopped logging in, it was done. TLDR its too much work to start rebuilding, nobody wants to do it.
  5. How are things in FFXIV?

    From what ive heard and seen, not well. those who have been playing did not want to transfer or start over on a new server. we can play together on the whole data center just not be in the same FC. the game as a whole is fantastic. the "guild" on the other hand is a no go. those who did start on the new server has quit already. And if ya'll really wanted to play you would on your character you have already put time into rather than start over its a very long road to get to the point of playing with everyone else.
  6. Revelation Online Server: Muroc

    after playing for 5-6 hours id say va is gunna skip this one. the conversion is bad, had a lot of text in korean and voice overs are also in korean. combat is clunky compared to tera and BNS, it has the BNS feel though.
  7. It's a special day today!

    Happy birthday bud!
  8. Wikken

  9. Wikken

    Wikken View full stream
  10. Diablo 3

    wikken#1683 i play alot lol, though some have more than me
  11. Minecraft

    the beginning of my area always start with religion lol
  12. Diablo 3

    A place for us to set up and talk about all things diablo 3 related
  13. thursday SEPTEMBER 29th, 8 pm Central GEAR SCORE 825 MIN Be online and ready to go 15 mins before the raid starts. don't worry about consumables, this is a trial run to see how well we can work. and see what class make up we have.
  14. Please give a Congratulations to Long time Va member Dorkis for stepping up and leading our World of Warcraft Chapter. He has asked for any and all help he can get. Lets help Dorkis Bring new Life to us!

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