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  1. after playing for 5-6 hours id say va is gunna skip this one. the conversion is bad, had a lot of text in korean and voice overs are also in korean. combat is clunky compared to tera and BNS, it has the BNS feel though.
  2. Ill take one seems like an interesting game
  3. Happy birthday bud!
  4. Wikken
  5. Wikken View full stream
  6. wikken#1683 i play alot lol, though some have more than me
  7. the beginning of my area always start with religion lol
  8. A place for us to set up and talk about all things diablo 3 related
  9. thursday SEPTEMBER 29th, 8 pm Central GEAR SCORE 825 MIN Be online and ready to go 15 mins before the raid starts. don't worry about consumables, this is a trial run to see how well we can work. and see what class make up we have.
  10. Please give a Congratulations to Long time Va member Dorkis for stepping up and leading our World of Warcraft Chapter. He has asked for any and all help he can get. Lets help Dorkis Bring new Life to us!
  11. I wanna start with one night for now and see how well we can come together. if we get a good team, we can discuss two nights. nothing is set in stone atm
  12. For me thursday works best with my work. i can do optional day of sunday i think
  13. Lets get some discussion on raid days. Seeing as we are a guild that raids, i would say 1 maybe 2 days aweek for raiding if we have people. so i would like to choose what day works best. and what optional day works best it looks like our time is going to be 7 pm central to 10 pm central.
  14. We are looking for someone who can lead the wow chapter(guild) theres is lots to do. we need to get more people to 110 and 840ish GS to prep for raids/mythic dungeons. I will help out as much as i can. but if you accept the spot. you will pick your officers. and get on the recruitment train. we have about 6-7 people who can run mythics who are raid ready. Pm me or post here if you would like the spot. Strikes leadership program is in effect too.
  15. Ladies and Gentleman, The new World of Warcraft expansion is upon us tonight at @2am centeral! I would like to invite anyone who is going to be up that late to join the World of Warcraft voice channel and enjoy playing the game with you fellow community members. For those who won't be up that late and are getting up early like myself(@6am). I'll be in voice most of the day, Feel free to join and make conversation! i do request that if your not playing World of Warcraft, please do not interrupt those who are playing with chat that is not WoW related. Thanks!

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