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Everything posted by Zayl

  1. VA Raid Message

    FOR THE HORDE! Oh wait, wrong thing. Hide yo games, hide yo wife, cuz Vigilant Addiction has come to :raid: and pillage! *whispers for the horde*
  2. Zayl's Displate's

    Thanks to VA for the Displate. Love it.
  3. When you click apply its the first section application, where this is the second. Edit: You may need to be approved here first before you can see it.
  4. Mirror's Edge (Steam Key)

  5. Space Elf? I thought Drow were underground? Now you tell me they're in space too?! We're so fucked.
  6. Shadow Warrior 2 Sexiness

    This game is wonderfully hilarious to play. I had a pirated copy of it last year sometime. It's for sure on my To-buy list
  7. Goat Simulator (Steam Key)

    durka durka
  8. Heya! I applied!

    Can +1 He's a scrub, but an ok one at that SunBro approved
  9. Final Fantasy EXVIUS

    A place to leave your friend codes to help each other with battles in game
  10. Final Fantasy EXVIUS

    Friend Code: 444,157,880
  11. [Game] Sword Coast Legends [Steam Gift]

    Interest peaked by the free Underdark DLC. Forgotten realms is my shit
  12. [Game #008] Bullet Candy (Steam Gift)

    Looks... interesting.
  13. Chapter lead!

    I believe my days of guild leading are over for the time being. But I'll gladly advise whomever decides to throw their hat in to lead if they want me to. I've played since mid-Vanilla and have quite a bit of experience on the WoW front as well as the G-lead position and raiding. Guilds I've lead or officered include Celestial Gate, Mystic culling, Legions of Lordaeron (Earthen Ring), Demigods, Infamous, Procrastination Nation(Uther/Runetotem)
  14. Raid days

    Should set to pick two. My vote is for Wed,Thurs.
  15. Playtimes & Raids

    Morning-Evening for me. I tend to be online anytime before midnight. If I'm not on Bnet, a simple @ in discord will get me online if I'm able to. Main dps Warr(Horde), dps DH(Ally)
  16. Council doesn't matter to me. I'm always willing to help however I can.
  17. Leave of Absense Chain

    Better be leaving the room being like:
  18. Rank updates

  19. ARMA 3: Server #1 Mod Information [Namalsk]

    I learned long ago not to make a base of any type lol. Playing as a survivalist makes that easier as I'm severely less likely to die. And yes Cherno is stale, but at least it has more than 3 lootable houses now and for sure working zeds in A3, whereas some of the map types have issues keeping the zeds working correctly if at all(Esseker being the worst I've seen. (1 zombie within the hour I ran around it with 25 active players)
  20. ARMA 3: Server #1 Mod Information [Namalsk]

    There is a version of Lingor for A3, and the Cherno map is much better than it was. Most of the buildings are lootable now and there are a few new ones.
  21. FactionZ Sign Up & Roster

    Yes. And that was glorious.
  22. FactionZ Sign Up & Roster

    I'll admit, I just like being a hitman for hire in these games. I've become fairly efficient as playing as a spotter or sniper. I think the first cycle had a neutral/bandit faction but there was only around 3 people in that
  23. ARMA 3: Server #1 Mod Information [Namalsk]

    Yep, I believe so. Epoch has a smaller version of base building if its turned on within the server, and the lack of zombies is likely because of the new Zed system. Each person only spawns around 2-5 zombies at a time and some zombies are pretty stagnant. None of them run, but only die to headshots. Makes A-3's maps all geared toward pvp over having to survive 50+ zeds while killing other players
  24. ARMA 3: Server #1 Mod Information [Namalsk]

    Yeah the Exile projects still a work in progress so things not showing up is fairly common, the Epoch mod is a bit more solid atm, and Breaking Point is relatively bugless but zombies don't always work correctly. Epoch on the downside uses almost all of the DLC items on map so if you don't own the content you'll get on screen adds from time to time
  25. FactionZ Sign Up & Roster

    No independent or merc's this round? Guess I'll go West for giggles since I can't sell myself to the highest bidder

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