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  1. VA Raid Message

    FOR THE HORDE! Oh wait, wrong thing. Hide yo games, hide yo wife, cuz Vigilant Addiction has come to :raid: and pillage! *whispers for the horde*
  2. Zayl's Displate's

    Thanks to VA for the Displate. Love it.
  3. When you click apply its the first section application, where this is the second. Edit: You may need to be approved here first before you can see it.
  4. Mirror's Edge (Steam Key)

  5. Space Elf? I thought Drow were underground? Now you tell me they're in space too?! We're so fucked.
  6. Shadow Warrior 2 Sexiness

    This game is wonderfully hilarious to play. I had a pirated copy of it last year sometime. It's for sure on my To-buy list
  7. Goat Simulator (Steam Key)

    durka durka
  8. Heya! I applied!

    Can +1 He's a scrub, but an ok one at that SunBro approved
  9. Final Fantasy EXVIUS

    Friend Code: 444,157,880
  10. Final Fantasy EXVIUS

    A place to leave your friend codes to help each other with battles in game
  11. [Game] Sword Coast Legends [Steam Gift]

    Interest peaked by the free Underdark DLC. Forgotten realms is my shit
  12. [Game #008] Bullet Candy (Steam Gift)

    Looks... interesting.
  13. Chapter lead!

    I believe my days of guild leading are over for the time being. But I'll gladly advise whomever decides to throw their hat in to lead if they want me to. I've played since mid-Vanilla and have quite a bit of experience on the WoW front as well as the G-lead position and raiding. Guilds I've lead or officered include Celestial Gate, Mystic culling, Legions of Lordaeron (Earthen Ring), Demigods, Infamous, Procrastination Nation(Uther/Runetotem)
  14. Raid days

    Should set to pick two. My vote is for Wed,Thurs.
  15. Playtimes & Raids

    Morning-Evening for me. I tend to be online anytime before midnight. If I'm not on Bnet, a simple @ in discord will get me online if I'm able to. Main dps Warr(Horde), dps DH(Ally)

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