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  1. VA Raid Message

  2. Post your ideas here

    And there is always weird stuff in TableTop Simulator or even CCG's on Lackey. But that probably wouldn't have as many laughs =P
  3. Shadow Warrior 2 Sexiness

    Bought this game, didnt play much of it - liked it though - was CoOping with my friend but he beat it in like 2 days when I was at work xD
  4. It's a special day today!

    You're the worst, Halrawk lol
  5. It's a special day today!

    Happy B-day, Strikes Gif as requested by Chario
  6. Kelsgve- VA Applied

    KelseyG.... I loved you in Down Periscope! Welcome to VA. Do you think they will ever bring back Frasier?
  7. Channel Timeslot Schedule

    I was thinking aboot getting a semi-steady stream going again and considering it as another "part time" job (basically so I have a semi-reasonable excuse to refuse extra hours at my day-time place of employment). ANYWHO, any chance we can break up the schedule into days, or maybe Weekdays & Weekends? Being the cool adult that I am, I don't think I could commit to streaming every day. Or maybe that's something we could expect more of in the future?
  8. I call Assistant Manager of Cookies! Makin' business cards now.
  9. Rank updates

  10. Streaming Overlays for Community & eSport

    use them with StreamJar.tv and you'll have a fully functional overlay up in running in 5 minutes.

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