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    Fishing, Hunting, Gaming, and Game Design. (currently in school for BA)
  1. VA Awards system coming back online, need your games!

    Devilian....that is all lol
  2. Server & Faction Info

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Just sayen) lol
  3. Contact Information for B.Net

    Sapper#1819 here I play HoTS and Diablo sometimes. Use to play wow when it didn't suck in vanilla....lol
  4. Vigilant Addiction MUD

    I love what https://www.bat.org/ has done. Not sure if we can push it that far.....lol
  5. Vigilant Addiction MUD

    JW what program do you plan on using exactly? idk if we plan on using a mini map plug-in like a graphical/text mud or what.
  6. Vigilant Addiction MUD

    Ya and I could use the practice with my field of study
  7. Vigilant Addiction MUD

    I wouldn't mind I played a few not a whole lot but I love the ideas and story they have. I can maybe help with maps or something thats not code....lol
  8. Leadership Reward Program for Devilian

    Thank you Wikken lol you logged fast I didn't have a chance to say it
  9. Leadership Reward Program for Devilian

    WOOOOO!!!! lol Thank you

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