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  1. Ill be able to attend for two hours, Thursdays at 8pm PST is my DnD groups game night.
  2. Playtimes & Raids

    Evenings for me but even then I dont think I could make the raid times unless they fell on my days off since I get off at 11pm PST, but ill still be down for some Mythic Dungeon grinding!
  3. FactionZ Sign Up & Roster

  4. What VA Means to You

    VA is a group of friendly gamers from all aspects of life. If you are looking for a no bullshit gaming community that plays almost anything under the gaming spectrum then look no further. Having been apart of the community since FactionZ Season 1, I can honestly say why the HELL would you look any further for a gaming community if you are looking for fun and mature community that just wants to bloody game and have fun with others while doing it. Man up. Join up.
  5. Server & Faction Info

    Server: Old man Cho Faction: Crimson Legion (Chosen during the quest "The Call of Warring Factions") Hope this helps for anyone who tries to join in the future!
  6. VA Arma 3 Insugency Kunduz Server

    boo yea!

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