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  1. Rules, Guidelines, and Important Stuff

    There is just so much win in this post. Hey @Lookout. Once a TreeCreeper, always a TreeCreeper, am I right? #iknowwhatyoudid If I happen to get a tank, the only one that needs to worry is Ozzy. Because he enjoys getting HEAT rounds in the face..... like..... alot. I think he gets off on it.
  2. FactionZ Sign Up & Roster

    Make sure to allow Virtus to use Vehicle Invinciblity if he's allowed to fly. They dont call him "Bad Decision Virtus" for nothing....
  3. FactionZ Sign Up & Roster

  4. VA Account Balance Sheet

    Thanks! I was wondering if we still had a positive balance... Ha-ha
  5. VA Account Balance Sheet

  6. CHILVALRY - Free to Play weekend (80% off sale)

    Then we should totally play! lol
  7. Did anyone pick this up? Free to play, and it's kinda fun.
  8. [Server] CS: Global Offensive

    Hit LookOut up on Teamspeak. He's a huge CS:GO fan, and I hear he's actually quite good.
  9. dammit. did they update? I'll look into it Also, we're still uploading mods via the FTP. Server isnt working yet. Will be tonight (ive said that b4, lol) UPDATE: I just checked. MAS Vehicles IS 1.3
  10. All In Arma Terrain Pack CUP Weapons Pack 1.2.1 MAS Vehicles 1.3 Esseker 0.75 Exile Mod TRYK's Multi-Play Uniform Pack ASDG Joint Rails 0.16 Ryan's Zombies & Demons
  11. Name: ExileMod - VigilantAddiction.com - FactionZ | Vilayer.com Connection Info: This is a current mod list for the Arma3: Exile Esseker server. This list will be edited and updated, occasionally as we add or remove mods. Please visit this page, if you cannot join, or have questions about a current mod or mod version. Joining the server through A3Launcher will automatically force your client to download or update any mods required to play on the server. We will only add mods that are part of A3Launcher to make it easier for pubbies to join, currently. This is subject to change.
  12. VA Account Balance Sheet

    What is this bill for?
  13. VA Account Balance Sheet

    I don't see anything about expenditures, such as Teamspeak. Does this get funded by VA also?
  14. VA Studios Apparel Incoming

    Yup! That is sure to bring in the hunnies! #takeallmymoney
  15. VA Studios Apparel Incoming

    Need mine in black.

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