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  1. VA Raid Message

    Got a point with the 'VA' vs. "Vigilant Addiction" thing though. As people might be asking why the Veterans Affairs office for the US is raiding streams.
  2. Wikkens Displate

    I will check into that!
  3. If you'd like to apply for a 'Slot' please reply here and we'll get in touch with you. You'll be asked to submit details of what your show will consist of, the audience, and your "TV-Rating" that you would give it if you were to be a TV show. (Expect more as we start putting things together) You can view the Schedule here: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AiDoZ_KM443likXtTTwKsrONb5rl This Excel Schedule will be the source of our Website's Streaming Schedule page once we have that online.
  4. Wikkens Displate

    I have no idea who/what this is... but I can assume it would probably scare the hell out of me in the middle of the night.
  5. Grab and Run the FTB Launch and then run the Mod "Infinity" to start installing it.
  6. Streams Page Suggestion

    Good suggestion! We'll probably have to check with the person that developed the Addon to see if they have Mixer Support? @Insidian (Does it have Mixer Support?)
  7. August $20 Amazon Gift Card Raffle

    Type: Raffle


    • 1 Prize
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    • 0 Tickets taken

    Turn $2 into $20! Winner is picked at the end of the month. Any amount over $20 will be added on to next month's raffle! (If we get $28 in tickets, then $8 will carry over to the next month and it'll be $28)
  8. You can purchase a raffle ticket with PayPal: 1st Place gets a $20 Amazon Gift Card! 2nd Place gets a random game from the VA Vault! The more people that purchase a ticket, the higher the next Raffle Gift Card will be!
  9. Website: https://boom.tv/faq You'll need to login with your Twitch/Mixer account and then download and set up the Scene Application via your Streaming Application. Give some love to @phonz for the heads up!
  10. Free Game Giveaway!

    Type: Giveaway


    • 3 Prizes
    • 8 Participants

    Enter for a chance to win a free game!
  11. This is just a test...
  12. July Amazon Gift Card

    Type: Raffle


    • 2 Prizes
    • 2 Participants
    • 3 Tickets taken

    This Raffle is for a $20 Amazon Gift Card! Entry is $2 for a ticket. Turn $2 into $20!
  13. VA Team Page: http://www.twitch.tv/team/vigilantaddiction You can request access by posting your Twitch.tv account name here in this thread. Once the invite is sent, you will have to log into your Twitch Account and accept the invite!
  14. Dribble Assist

    Dribbling with the TRUCK and Zero Boost... teammate comes to lend a hand. https://plays.tv/s/LCXoQ0MDC7Oe
  15. VA Positions of Interest

    I don't want one position; I want all positions! We're looking for people with the passion for filling the following positions: Social Media Addict (Facebook and Twitter posting) Website Assistant Aficionado (Helping shape/post things on the website) If you can do CSS that would be even better! Outgoing Recruiters for All Games Basically, you whore yourself out to find people that will come run a VA Division for a game Streamers, of all kinds, to promote the VA Brand and themselves. Free Game Master You get to post our 'Free Game Giveaways' every day on our forum and spread the word about them Idea Architect Come up with amazing ideas and make them happen.
  16. Seeing as I don't have an official description of the position... we're going to wing it with some bullet points to get you the idea of what to expect: Oversees the channels of the current Streaming Team. Researches ways to increase the exposure of the VA Streaming Team. Able to be on Discord every day and communicate with their Streaming Members and Management. Proactively find future prospects to join the Streaming Team. Interview incoming prospects that wish to join the Streaming Team. Assist with Stream Setup for new members.
  17. Open Position: Director of Streaming

    We appreciate you both stepping up! Rest assured that we're conversing and planning in the shadows to build a strong foundation for you to be able to work with in those roles.
  18. Tonight (Saturday 2/11 Morning) at 2am both our servers for Conan Exiles will be offline as our servers are upgraded to SSD Drives. See below for the official release from our host: Emergency switch to SSD early 2/11 will cause some downtime Feb 10 2017 07:55:19 PM PT Currently, the machine hosting your service uses normal magnetic storage. Today, we installed a new SSD in the machine that we will use to replace it, in order to upgrade the I/O speed and provide a smoother experience for players; we are rushing through its installation because certain games (Ark, Unturned, and Conan Exiles) are causing heavy disk activity recently, particularly when they update (and all three are updating frequently). Between 2am and 9am CST on Saturday, Feb. 11, we plan to reboot your machine into a special mode that will allow us to copy the hard drive wholesale to the SSD, preserving your server and everything else on the machine exactly as it was. Afterward, we should be able to boot from the SSD. Sometime during the maintenance window, you should see about a four-hour period when your service will be unreachable.
  19. This server is automatically rebooted and updated when an update is pushed out by the developer. This server is automatically restarted everyday at 4am and 4pm Central Time.
  20. Conan Server Donation Link

    If you'd like to make a Donation to our Conan Exiles Servers you can do so with this link: https://www.nfoservers.com/donate.pl?force_recipient=1&recipient=kwebb12%40gmail.com We currently pre-pay for 3 months at a time. PvE Server 3-Month Cost: $73 PvP Server 3-Month Cost: $97 The difference between the servers is the 10 less slots on PvE, and we also get a discount on our first server which is the PvE one... when we signed up for a second server.
  21. This server will automatically restart and update when an official update is push out by the developers. The server will automatically restart everyday at 4am and 4pm Central Time.
  22. It's a special day today!

    I need to go through all these! Thanks so much everyone; It really makes me happy to hear from everyone. Thank you all for being apart of my silly little dream, and I hope it can be apart of your really big dreams. Here's to Vigilant Addiction and another year of amazingness!
  23. Current Minecraft Servers

    VA Normal Server: Please note that the Normal Server has extra mods that the Hardcore server does not have called: Malisis Doors, Malisis Core, and Magic crops You also need the Config Files that are attached to this post. Drop the "Configuration.cfg" into: FTBInfinity -> Minecraft -> config -> Agricraft Drop the "MagicalCropsMain.cfg" into: FTPInfinity -> Minecraft -> config -> MagicalCrops VA Hardcore Server: MagicalCropsMain.cfg Configuration.cfg VeinMiner-1.7.10- magicalcrops-4.0.0_PUBLIC_BETA_3.jar malisiscore-1.7.10-0.14.2.jar malisisdoors-1.7.10-1.13.2.jar IguanaTinkerTweaks-1.7.10-2.1.6.jar
  24. Current Minecraft Servers

    Added IquanaTinkerTweaks
  25. Server Information

    Server IP: Slots: 70 Pre-Paid Until: 7/31/2017

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