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    New devilian Chapter started for VA

    By Wikken,
    Hey all, we have started a new chapter for the Game Devilian. it just hit head start today!   https://www.deviliangame.com/en/   Check it out on the 10th, its F2p with cash shop options. its really fun, i would like to see a flux of members at least trying it and helping us get a good movement going. Contact Strikes , Wikken or Kahmal  with any Questions you may have!

    VA Arma 3 Insugency Kunduz Server

    By Bigfootscock,
    TheBS, Lolcatz and I have set up a Arma 3 Insurgency server. If you enjoy clearing small towns mixed with civilians and insurgents, looking for IEDs, and Weapons caches while avoiding civilian casualties then look no further we have these things right here(  We do Zues missions on weekends, and a few throughout the week as time off from the real world permits.  Below is the mod set needed to play: @Alive
    @Ares (Steam Workshop)
    @ASDG_JR 0.16
    @BC-Phoenix 2 (optional but worth it)
    @JSRSDragonFyre (optional but worth it)
    @ShackTac User Interface (Steam Workshop)
    @CAF_AG1.5  (Patched - RDS CAF Aggressors Compatibility patch)
    @Kunduz Afganistan (Steam Workshop)
    @CUP Weapons 1.3.1 If you have any questions find TheBS or myself on here or Teamspeak.  

    Remote Play from a PC - Coming to PS4 !!!!

    By Strikes,
    I couldn't believe it when I read it: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2495746,00.asp  

    Adventurer Manager Going Free To Play + DLC Information

    By Strikes,
    You can check out the full article on Steam! http://steamcommunity.com/games/280320/announcements/detail/734447223405368574  

    eSports Logo Contest is Almost Completed!

    By Strikes,
    You can VOICE and VOTE your opinion here: http://logotournament.com/feedback/122100072763    

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