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    Notice - Website Updates Incoming

    By Strikes,
    Hey All, We'll be making a slight change in navigation for those of you that might be getting here via www.vigilantaddiction.com - That location will be turning into a "Landing/Splash" Page for all of our Branded Services.  When all is said and done... you might have to update your Bookmarks once.

    VA Musicians, Please Read!

    By Insidian,
    Hey fellow musicians, we are going to be putting together background music for Weise and Phonz weekly stream that starts sometime after New Years. We'd like to possibly feature some music from those of you who have established bands currently. Also, I'm wanting to see who is interested in joining up and writing some new songs to be used in the stream as well. Please post your bands and song(s) you'd like to be used, and if you are interested in writing some songs, please post your instrument and styles of music you prefer. If you cannot post here, just PM me. Thanks!

    #Slack Messenger!

    By Strikes,
    It was highly recommend last night to us, from members Syntropy, and Creelin. It's basically an awesome "IRC" or "Chat Client" or "IM Messenger" that we can use as a 'Team' here to keep in communication without anyone needing to give away personal information; like an email address or phone number. Check out the Apps on your phones and tablets, and you can also log into the website on your PC if you wanted.  https://slack.com/   VA Webmail Link: https://secure111.inmotionhosting.com:2096

    Black Rifle Coffee Company

    By Kahmal,
    I want to give a big shout out to our new sponsor Black Rifle Coffee Company. This shows that no matter how small you are starting out there is always people lifting people and there dreams/ideas up.  Give a welcome to them and put down those energy drink pick up some BRCC coffee today!! http://blackriflecoffee.com

    Now Announcing VA eSports LoL Roster

    By Kahmal,
        I know its been a long road looking for the right people with the right attitudes. Putting people together in the eSports science is not as easy as people may think but we did it. A group of players that not only play really good but also have the motto of 'Gaming with Respect and Sportsmanship. So with out further a due the Starting line up for VA eSPorts is Celleress as our Support, Lasion as our ADC, Papopertoad as Jungle, Drowzen as middle and last but not least The Next Episode as our top laner.  Show the new team representing VA eSports some love and welcome them to the VA family.  I will be Annouceing our DoTA2 Team in the next few days so stay tuned.   

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