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    VA Awards system coming back online, need your games!

    By Insidian,
    Howdy VA! We are getting the award system back online. I need everyone to post here with the games in which you reached max level with VA while the VA guild was active in the game.   Thanks!   EDIT: Any long time members who were with us on Enjin when the award system was active, I may be able to retrieve yours from there. Please post here still, I need to know you are active over here first, and also if you have reached max level in any games since the switch to IPB.


    By theRealmccoy,
    I want to empower all of you and let you know how big of an impact you all have had on my day to day Life.  

    We are all community members.  We are all gamer's.  I want to challenge you to up your impact to everyone outside of the VA world.  

    We now have had a new chapter in VA by having our e-Sports Division being partnered.  How big of a sizable impact can we make on our Social Media's?  I am also a Personality within Social Media & on Twitch.tv/ .  

    I understand we all have a busy day to day life.  Creating time for passion & others should always be in mind.  Support your local friends & community members just as much as those Celebrities you do not know.  

    Just by opening a Tab, favoriting a tweet, or spending just a few moments in a fellow Community Members Channel could encourage those outside of VA to show what kind of Support we give our members. Instead of just a 'Motto'  Actions do speak louder then words.  By those actions Men & Women can become inspired within a fear free environment to be themselves (a Real McCoy ) if you will.  

    So anyone within VA that has had those moments where you have gone Days without a favorite, a follow, or a view.  We can promote some local encouragement.  You would be surprised a simple smile can change someones entire day.  

    Post your Twitter.. Twitch.. Hitbox.. Beam or any Self promoting you can think of and you would be surprised putting yourself out there first could deflate the anxiety in this world.  Start with a Smile.. 

    http://Twitch.tv/theReal_McCoy  You can always find me here trying to brighten anyones day!! Don't forget to stay up to date with me at all times http://Twitter.com/theReal_McCoyTV 

    God Bless & take a page out of my own feel good instincts  'Start with a Smile..' ,

    Cory M. Gegg  your Real_McCoy


    Vigilant Addiction MUD

    By Insidian,
    Hey folks. We are kicking around the idea of opening a VA MUD. For those who dont know what a MUD is..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MUD   Briefly it's an online text based rpg. The father to the modern MMO, if you will. I'm looking for anyone that has experience with MUD coding and building, or anyone with playing experience that would like to learn how to work on a MUD. We are in the process of selecting a codebase to start with now, hopefully we can start working on the MUD in the next couple weeks. If you are interested, post here.   Thanks!

    Planned Discord Maintenance Posted

    By Strikes,
    SCHEDULED FOR JAN 12, 02:00 - 03:00 PST   Beginning over the holidays our Data Center provider has been targeted by repeated DDoS attacks of epic proportions. We’re talking Vanish Doom level stuff. Unfortunately, that’s meant Discord has been… fizzy every now and then. 

    So we're moving! We’ve scoped out the neighborhood and found a more resilient Data Center provider just around the corner. After much deliberation we decided the most straightforward maneuver is to take Discord down for an hour-ish. In the middle of the night. While most of you are sleeping.

    Leadership Reward Program Details

    By Strikes,
    The Leadership Reward Program is a way for the Community to say "Thanks!" to those that give us that extra amount of Passion and Time poured back into Vigilant Addiction for the enjoyment of others.  Those that choose to become "Leaders of a Chapter" in Vigilant Addiction are eligible for the program. Rewards are only given when there is noticeable consistent activity, and an increase in membership, for their particular Chapter.  Newly Established Chapters are subject to a 'One-Time Bonus' of up to a maximum of a $100 Steam/Amazon Gift Card. This 'One-Time Bonus' is only given out after the first 30 days a Chapter is Established and is given out to reward and recognize a Leader for essentially "Starting something from Nothing" and getting things going.  Once a Chapter is Established, said Leadership is eligible for Tri-Monthly (The end of every 3rd month) Rewards, starting at $60 USD. (Any portion of this Reward can be altered, at any time, at the beginning of a Chapter or a new month) This means, every 4th month you can earn a Reward for running a Chapter! Leadership must be able to provide a working Email Address for the receipt of the Gift Card. Leadership will have their choice of either an Amazon Online Gift Card (Digital) or Steam Gift Card (Digital). 

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