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    What VA Means to You

    By Strikes,
    Happy Easter Weekend! As part of our website updating; we'll be crafting together a new About Us page and pulling some Mottos to Game by.  I'd like everyone to reply (or PM me if you're shy) with your own answer to the topic, "What does VA mean to you". Here's a few things to consider as well: Why do you keep playing games with VA? What is it about VA that makes you spend your time there?   It's possible that I could end up featuring your reply on the About Page or in future writings that we do. Thanks everyone!  

    VA Town Hall Meeting

    By Insidian,
    Formally announcing our next Town Hall meeting! It will be held on Google Hangouts with our Admin/Directors. We will be discussing the future of VA. Everyone is invited to listen in, and will be able to give opinions and ask questions during the meeting. We highly encourage everyone to attend, this is for you, VA! Please RSVP if you plan on attending. The date is April 3rd, from 8pm to 9pm, CST.   Here's a link to the event:  

    Calling All Streamers, Calling All Streamers..

    By Insidian,
    Any member who streams, please post here with your stream info. This means everyone, from esports to community, full time, part time, or once in a great while, doesn't matter. We want to make sure everyone knows about you, and follows you! I will be putting together a comprehensive list of all streamers for everyone to view, so get me this info ASAP please!

    VA Tech News Podcast

    By phonz,
    Greetings all! Just wanted to give everyone the heads up on a new podcast being produced by Xanados and myself. It's primary focus is on technology related news and discussions, but like most radio shows, we may find ourselves off topic from time to time ;). You can find our uploads on Soundcloud or subscribe to the RSS feed. This week's news covers: Kickstarted Chiptune hardware, Razer Blade Stealth, HTC Vive, Amazon Echo Touch, Cable Box, AMD Polaris GPUs, Apple iPhone Encryption Case and Shady nVidia. So come check out the show and throw us a like and sub if yeh want. This episode is experimental so feedback and ideas are appreciated. Perhaps in the future we'll do a live show via Beam during the recording.   Soundcloud
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    VA Crew

    By ChariotsOfThyer,
    I saw a few people talking about The Crew earlier in the week and not having played it in a whileI  thought it would be cool if we could get a bunch of us on to cruise the streets and just have a bit of fun. I was thinking of arranging this for Wednesday at about 10pm GMT. Let me know here if you are in and if we need to alter times or anything then it shouldn't be an issue. If you can also add your uPlay ID we can all add each other before hand to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Mine is benthyer I believe   

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