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    World Of Warcraft: Legion Chapter Lead!

    By Wikken,
    Please give a Congratulations to Long time Va member Dorkis for stepping up and leading our World of Warcraft Chapter. He has asked for any and all help he can get. Lets help Dorkis  Bring new Life to us!

    World of Warcraft ; Legion Launch

    By Wikken,
    Ladies and Gentleman, The new World of Warcraft expansion is upon us tonight at @2am centeral! I would like to invite anyone who is going to be up that late to join the World of Warcraft voice channel and enjoy playing the game with you fellow community members. For those who won't be up that late and are getting up early like myself(@6am).  I'll be in voice most of the day, Feel free to join and make conversation! i do request that if your not playing World of Warcraft, please do not interrupt those who are playing with chat that is not WoW related. Thanks!

    Sad News.

    By Insidian,
    Hey VA. For those that didn't see Discord earlier today, we received news that one of our community members and BDO Officers, Jennau, was in a bad accident a few weeks ago. She has been in a coma ever since. Everyone keep her and her family in your thoughts (and prayers, if that's your thing), and give well wishes for her recovery.   Get well soon, Jennau!

    Summer Purge of 2016

    By Strikes,
    This is a heads up that we will be purging and demoting users that have been inactive within the community all this month, and from this day forward. How do you not get demoted? Well, it's very simple and black and white. If you're active, and apart of this community, then you'll have nothing to worry about. If your next question is: "How do I know if I'm being active with the community?" Well, then you're probably not off to a great start. We should have an explanation of some kind in the near future; but users can now find themselves completely demoted back down to Applicant, and eventually removed. "Where's this coming from?" You might ask. Vigilant Addiction is moving forward, and getting back to it's 1999 roots. Our Studio is doing great, our eSport Teams are on the rise, and it's time to kick the Community into gear! The active are rewarded, and the sheep are tossed to the wolves.

    Expanding Leadership Roles & Creating the Council

    By Strikes,
    We will be slowly adding more numbers to our upper management, here at Vigilant Addiction, along with the creation of Council Member positions. Founders will stay capped at 2. However we will be creating a new Position, called Council Member. Yep, you can tell this is in result of me now working for the City! We will be starting with 3 Council Members, and 2 Founders. The two Founders have perma positions on the board, and the 3 Council Members go through 3-Month Terms (at this time). Council Positions are voted on, and earned, by the community. Anyone with at least Membership Status and higher can run for a Council Member position. The Council will be meeting with the community, in a Town Hall Environment, on a tri-weekly basis. (Every 3 weeks) Every "Director" of our major wings will also be getting an Assistant, and potentially an "Intern" (3rd) position as well. For example: Director of Cookies -> Manger of Cookies -> Assistant Manger of Cookies  

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