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    Raffle / Donation Explanation

    By Strikes,
    If you're looking to purchase an actual "Raffle Ticket" so you're entered into the Raffle; please head up to the Menu at the top of the Page and go to the "Store" and purchase a Raffle Ticket.
    If you're looking to add more to the Raffle Pot; please use the "Donate" button on the Board Index page. 
    Unfortunately, we don't have a way to tie the "Donate" button in with the Store; or find a way to have people just Donate a Custom amount via the Store just yet.

    April+March Raffle Winner of $95!

    By Strikes,
    1st Place - Vhanfinnel - $95 Amazon Giftcard + 2 Games from VA Donated Games + Metal VA Plate
    2nd Place - thedewey - 2 Games from VA Donated Games + Plastic VA Plate
    3rd Place - doRKis  - 1 Game from VA Donated Games + Plastic VA Plate
    @Vhanfinnel - Please PM me with a valid Email Address for the Giftcard
    @All - Send me your Mailing Address if you'd like your "Vigilant Addiction" Plate!
    Click here for the link to add the VA Donation Account as a friend on Steam so you can browse them: http://steamcommunity.com/id/VASteamDonations/

    [Download] VA OBS Twitch Theme/Overlay - by Phonz

    By Strikes,
    Download: http://www.vigilantaddiction.com/index.php?/files/file/3-vigilant-addiction-obs-scene/     Quick and Dirty Read Me

    1. Install OBS

    2. Install plugins by visiting the URLs I have linked in the "PLUGINS NEEDED" folder.
    Be sure to read what each plugin requires for installation and use. CLR Browser has some dependencies for VSCRedist, and I know
    the Teamspeak Overlay plugin requires you to enable Client Query plugin in Teamspeak. So yeah, make sure you read schtuff.

    3. Copy the fonts from the "Fonts" folder into "C:/Windows/Fonts/"

    4. Extract this Archive to "C:/" (So everything should be in "C:/OBS Scene Images")

    5. Setup Twitch Alerts @ www.twitchalerts.com

    6. Install Twitch Alerts StreamLabels software (It's in the "PLUGINS NEEDED" directory)
       Choose "C:/OBS Scene Images/StreamLabels" as the Output folder.
       You're going to need StreamLabels running whenever your streaming. It ouptuts info to txt files for OBS to read and display

    7. Open OBS and click the Scene Collection drop down menu in the toolbar.
       Click New
       Name it whatever you want
       Click Scene Collection again and choose Import
       Browse to "C:/OBS Scene Images/" and import "VAOBS.xconfig"
       This should populate your scene with everything needed.

    8. Now just add your Video/Monitor/Window/Game source to the second last spot in the Source Box
       (you can delete the one named "WHERE YOUR SOURCE GOES")

    I think that's it? I would test everything out first and make sure its running great.
    Twitch Alerts + Nightbot is your best friend for free Twitch interactions.
    Deepbot is looking amazing, but it's a $10 buy-in for the beta with a $5 monthly sub to keep VIP status.
    A little overpriced, but maybeh you need some of the extra features it offers.

    PS> Sorry for any spelling mistakes. PPS> Windows 10 does NOT cooperate with the 64Bit version of TeamSpeak3 Overlay Plugin. You'll have to resort to the 32bit OBS.   Download: http://www.vigilantaddiction.com/index.php?/files/file/3-vigilant-addiction-obs-scene/

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