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    E3 Conferences Start Tonight!

    By phonz,
    The Electronic Triple starts now, folks.
    My body is ready!

    Less than 24 hours till the first E3 Conference and there are now tonnes of "leaks" bouncing around the web. One of the most intriguing ones I found was the possibility of Ryu being the next DLC character for Smash. That just blows my mind. It's obviously not the first time a Street Fighter character has appeared in another fighter game nor is it the first Capcom character to be included in Smash. But having a character from another fighter game series (Gem or otherwise) means that this character is pretty much guaranteed to be top tier. Are there any other characters in the Smash series that are derived from other fighter games?
    The first big conference of E3 starts with Bethesda Games at 9PM EST. I'm not really sure what to expect as I've never seen a Bethesda conference before but there are some obvious games that will be shown. One of those likely to be Fallout 4.
    You can find live video strams of the conference on the majority of the game journalism websites as well as Twitch.tv
    This year, Twitch has given streamers permission to re-broadcast their stream with their own commentary. Fannnnnnntastic.
    So if you get a chance, hop on VA TS3, pull up a stream and we'll experience the biggest gaming news event of the year together.

    Steam Summer Sale 2015

    By phonz,
    Steam Summer Sale 2015

    Hey, hey! It's that time of year again! Another biannual Steam sale is underway and I'm personally doing my best to keep a clamp on my wallet.
    Okay, no. That's a lie. I've already bought a handful of random games I probably wouldn't have purchased if they weren't on for 85% off.
    But that's okay, because this year we have Steam Refunds!
    So you can refund that stack of games you purchased while you were drunk on Steam Summer Sales.
    Golly gee, isn't PC Gaming great?
    PS. SteamDB.info is a great website to check out if you want to sort through all the sales for the best deals. https://steamdb.info/sales/

    ARK Survival Server Info

    By Strikes,
    I haven't been able to join in through the game; I have to use this:
    Password: vaav

    May Raffle Winners

    By Strikes,
    1st - Kahmal
    2nd - Halrawk
    3rd - Dangle
    Kahmal informed me that he would be donating his Winnings to the FactionZ V3 Server initial purchase. 
    Everyone gets a Physical VA "Plate" (Metal 1st Place). 
    Please also check the VA Steam Donations Account if you would like to redeem a Free Game! (To make this easy, we're doing 1 per person)

    Studio Seeking Programmers - Unreal / Unity

    By Strikes,
    Let me know if anyone here would be interested in developing a 'Simple' game; on the "Magic the Gathering" level of things, persay. Lot of text/code design and not much on art and stuff.

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