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    GameVox & Teamspeak 3 Discussion

    By Strikes,
    Kahmal informed me about a service called "GameVox" that is attempting to enter the Market of Online Gaming VOIP services; like TS3. In fact, the website specifically goes up against TS3 and compares why it's so much better and easier to use.
    Here's the website: https://www.gamevox.com/en/features
    The Codec that the Service uses right now is a better version of the Mumble Codec. People might sound a little different, depending on the mic/headset, but I think it removes some of the 'bass' in people's voices. (I'd have to test with more people) It's response time is fucking AMAZING fast. 
    It's free, and the basic server is 'Free'. However if we want a spiffy theme (that someone here could do) and nice group icons... then it would cost us a premium. ($10 a month)
    Right now, I pay $10.34 a month (at 3 month intervals; so like $31 every 3 months) for 50 slots. Where-as GameVox is an UNLIMITED amount. 
    I'd like to setup a weekend/week where we turn off the TS3 server and try this thing out. It's easier for us to give out permissions as well, and I really like the Instant Messaging System that comes with it as well. It's pretty swell! 
    VA's Official Server Address: https://www.gamevox.com/GKXY-28C

    VA Studios Apparel Incoming

    By Strikes,

    Vigilant Addiction Studios T-Shirt [back] by VigilantAddiction
    More Vastudios T-Shirts

    Looking For a Co host.

    By Kahmal,
    I am going to start a podcast on gaming... I would like to get a Co host due to i am better at feeding off peoples opinions than cementing mine into other people. let me know if you want to do this with me.

    Wildstar rehash (F2P) Get ready CUPCAKE!!!!!

    By Kahmal,
    Hello all. Remember the good ol' times in Wildstar where you beat your head into a wall because the bosses in the dungeons laughed at you. Well then guess what its going F2P and along with that there are some massive changes. Good changes i will say.  So if you still have an account you can test out the F2P changes on the PTS. https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/80419-download-the-ptr-here/ 
    Follow link above after you have signed in. I hope yall are ready for this shit Cupcakes.
    Also check that link out If you want to know about the changes and what not if you don't have an account. 

    Official New VAStudios Logo

    By Strikes,

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