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    Wildstar F2P Countdown

    By phonz,
    The countdown to Carbines F2P re-release of Wildstar is underway.
    Check out their twitch stream for the countdown and occasional visits from the crew at Carbine. Carbine studios will also be holding a special twitch stream event on the night of release @ 9PM (EST) on September 28th, 2015.
    Servers go live for free-to-play on  September 29th at 12:01AM (EST).
    Catch yeh on the servers!
    (If they don't crash....)

    VA Account Balance Sheet

    By Strikes,
    I'll be working on getting a tracked Balance Sheet for all VA Expenditures and Funds Available. For now, here's a dirty version.
    PayPal balance:   $19.54 USD   [updated @ 2:40p 10/21/15]
    Reoccurring Monthly Costs for VA
    NFO Servers - Teamspeak 3 Server: $31.02 Every 3 Months [PAID until Nov 4th. 2015]
    NFO Servers - Minecraft Server #1: -$9.99 [PAID]
    NFO Servers - Minecraft Server #2: -$18.99 [PAID for OCT]
    VILLAYER Servers - ARMA 3 Exile Mod Server: -$31.36 [PAID]
    Google Services (Mail / Apps / Storage): -$25.00 
    Total OUT for 10/30/2015: -$84.36
    Funds Forward to 11/1/2015: IN THE RED

    MC Server #1 Payment Made

    By Strikes,
    Business Name:   NuclearFallout Enterprises (The recipient of this payment is Verified) Email:   support@nfoservers.com Billing Agreement ID:   B-98T18964SE821380S Billing Description:   Online server rental services View Billing Agreement Details   Total amount:   -$8.40 USD Fee amount:   $0.00 USD Net amount:   -$8.40 USD   Item amount:   $8.40 USD Sales Tax:   $0.00 USD Shipping:   $0.00 USD Handling:   $0.00 USD Quantity:   1   Item Title:   Online server rental services. Invoice ID:   616312 Date:   Sep 22, 2015 Time:   21:31:25 CDT Status:   Completed  

    News Letter!!!!!

    By Kahmal,
    Whats up Guys and Gals!!
    Im hear to tell you about the VA News Letter that is in the works. We are in need of some people who would not mined helping out in this project. This is not a big task at hand just need ideas and maybe some pieces to put in for the news. Want more people to know more about you? We can do a piece on you or maybe there is a hobby that you really love and want to share. Any idea can be thrown into the hat. Want more people to know about the game you are playing well here is your chance to share. This is one of many steps we are taking to get this community out there and for us to get more interesting people. 
    We will also be starting the Reward system so head over to the forums if you don't know what that is. 
    Don't forget to get into the G+ Community group and Gamevox.
    Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
    -George Bernard Shaw

    Google + and More in store!!!!!!!

    By Kahmal,
    Hey guys and Cats and a Raven too. We have Google + page for our community with this we will be able to share and do alot more things with the community. So please go the the link below and add your self as a member. I will be updating it most of the rest of this week with game news patch notes ETC.... Most of us all have a GMail account and if you dont well there is some cool stuff coming around the corner. Check out the Forums to a peak at what i am talking about.
    Also check out the GameVox forum for all those awesome details with the new VoIP software that is super easy to use and sounds and response supper fast.
    Lets keep making this community a better place!!!!!!!!!

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