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    VA Positions of Interest

    By Strikes,
    I don't want one position; I want all positions! We're looking for people with the passion for filling the following positions: Social Media Addict (Facebook and Twitter posting) Website Assistant Aficionado (Helping shape/post things on the website) If you can do CSS that would be even better!  Outgoing Recruiters for All Games Basically, you whore yourself out to find people that will come run a VA Division for a game Streamers, of all kinds, to promote the VA Brand and themselves.  Free Game Master You get to post our 'Free Game Giveaways' every day on our forum and spread the word about them Idea Architect Come up with amazing ideas and make them happen.

    VA Code of Conduct [CoC]

    By Strikes,
    As a Representative of Vigilant Addiction I pledge to following the Code of Conduct presented below: ~ Never use a cheat, hack, or exploit of any kind in a multiplayer game. ~ Always keep a respectful demeanor toward your fellow Gamers. ~ Keep conversations and disagreements civil. Be able to agree to disagree and move on. ~ Do your best to keep conversations regarding religion and politics to a minimum. These usually always lead to heated discussions. ~ This isn't TNT or USA - We don't run a Drama channel, so if a conversation is turning into an Episode of the Kardashians, let it go.  ~ Be a Winner with Class, and a Loser with Grace.  ~ Trash Talking is inexcusable. GLHF and GG is all you need to know. [Best Efforts] ~ Treat females in VA with respect. Do not stalk, or repeatedly ask for boob pics. ~ Don't hog a voice channel. If you're in a Game Channel and you're not playing that game; give those that are playing that game the 'right to speak' over all else. ~ Do your best to use PUSH TO TALK settings on Discord when possible. Your fellow VA'ers will thank you. ~ If using Voice Activation on Discord please be aware of your "Food Chewing" and Mute your Mic or check sensitivity levels. This is a living Code of Conduct - Check in for updates on at least a monthly basis, and follow this thread for updates!

    Vigilant Addiction Branded Merchandise

    By Strikes,
    Vigilant Addiction Zazzle Store - You can Change/Switch out the Styles of Shirts to meet your needs. If you don't see something, reply to this thread and let us know. I'll see if I can throw it up on the store for you.    
    Vigilant Addiction - Generic - Mug by VigilantAddiction 
    Create from Zazzle.    
    Vigilant Addiction - Generic on Light Colors Tee Shirts by VigilantAddiction 
    at zazzle.      
    Vigilant Addiction - Generic on Dark Colors Shirt by VigilantAddiction 
    Create a unique at Zazzle      
    Vigilant Addiction - Generic on Light Colors - [F] T-shirt by VigilantAddiction 
    Check out more Vigilant T-Shirts at  

    VA Branding for Public Usage (OneDrive Link)

    By Strikes,
    You're free to use these images for your own projects.  OneDrive Link to Community Assets & Information: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AiDoZ_KM443la-1NPAqys41vmuU

    Official VA Twitch.tv Team Page

    By Strikes,
    VA Team Page: http://www.twitch.tv/team/vigilantaddiction
    You can request access by posting your Twitch.tv account name here in this thread. Once the invite is sent, you will have to log into your Twitch Account and accept the invite!

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