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    Hi there I submitted my application, I was told there would be free drinks and snacks now? No matter beer or wine; it'll all be fine unless its that non alcoholic wine
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    There is just so much win in this post. Hey @Lookout. Once a TreeCreeper, always a TreeCreeper, am I right? #iknowwhatyoudid If I happen to get a tank, the only one that needs to worry is Ozzy. Because he enjoys getting HEAT rounds in the face..... like..... alot. I think he gets off on it.
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    You can check out the full article on Steam! http://steamcommunity.com/games/280320/announcements/detail/734447223405368574
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    As a Representative of Vigilant Addiction I pledge to following the Code of Conduct presented below: ~ Never use a cheat, hack, or exploit of any kind in a multiplayer game. ~ Always keep a respectful demeanor toward your fellow Gamers. ~ Keep conversations and disagreements civil. Be able to agree to disagree and move on. ~ Do your best to keep conversations regarding religion and politics to a minimum. These usually always lead to heated discussions. ~ This isn't TNT or USA - We don't run a Drama channel, so if a conversation is turning into an Episode of the Kardashians, let it go. ~ Be a Winner with Class, and a Loser with Grace. ~ Trash Talking is inexcusable. GLHF and GG is all you need to know. [Best Efforts] ~ Treat females in VA with respect. Do not stalk, or repeatedly ask for boob pics. ~ Don't hog a voice channel. If you're in a Game Channel and you're not playing that game; give those that are playing that game the 'right to speak' over all else. ~ Do your best to use PUSH TO TALK settings on Discord when possible. Your fellow VA'ers will thank you. ~ If using Voice Activation on Discord please be aware of your "Food Chewing" and Mute your Mic or check sensitivity levels. This is a living Code of Conduct - Check in for updates on at least a monthly basis, and follow this thread for updates!
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    FactionZ Cycle 1 Teams will be Static to the original East Vs. West CP = Control Points - These allow Factions to officially claim a Territory as their own; granting all special conditions that come with it. RP = Recruit Points - These allow the Factions to Recruit Neutral Players into their Ranks; granting all potential Seasonal Points that player may bring in. CP and RP points only go into effect once the Season starts. Players are free to join any Faction, and move around, during the pre-season sign ups! East Faction - 0 CP - 0 RP - Please tag with [E]Name (No Spaces) Jensfuntimes Manglar Necrouk Comicware Punisher Virtus TheBS Ghosty Dorkis Sephtis CaptBlood Shootr Huffatron West Faction - 0 CP - 1 RP - Please tag with [W]Name (No Spaces) Zayl Ozzy DeangerZone Stoner Root Halodroid Lyran Razzle Cerb SuddenKhaos SKWRL CAS TongasaurusRex Wikken Kahmal Voracious Groza Lookout Hamm
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    Everybody say hi to my little baby boy. Never thought I'd be capable of making something this perfect. Also , style points for the t-shirt right?
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    1st Place - Vhanfinnel - $95 Amazon Giftcard + 2 Games from VA Donated Games + Metal VA Plate 2nd Place - thedewey - 2 Games from VA Donated Games + Plastic VA Plate 3rd Place - doRKis - 1 Game from VA Donated Games + Plastic VA Plate @Vhanfinnel - Please PM me with a valid Email Address for the Giftcard @All - Send me your Mailing Address if you'd like your "Vigilant Addiction" Plate! Click here for the link to add the VA Donation Account as a friend on Steam so you can browse them: http://steamcommunity.com/id/VASteamDonations/
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    It is a pleasure to be apart of VA's stream team. I may look into the E-Sports side of things eventually cause I am very competitive at times but for now, i'm ready to rock on the stream team. Look forward to meeting more of you soon.
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    Type: Giveaway


    • 3 Prizes
    • 8 Participants

    Enter for a chance to win a free game!
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    http://store.steampowered.com/app/17410/Mirrors_Edge/ Free Giveaway Contest! To enter, just reply to this post. Contest will run until Midnight 5/5/17 CST. Game donated by RavenKinomoto.
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    I don't want one position; I want all positions! We're looking for people with the passion for filling the following positions: Social Media Addict (Facebook and Twitter posting) Website Assistant Aficionado (Helping shape/post things on the website) If you can do CSS that would be even better! Outgoing Recruiters for All Games Basically, you whore yourself out to find people that will come run a VA Division for a game Streamers, of all kinds, to promote the VA Brand and themselves. Free Game Master You get to post our 'Free Game Giveaways' every day on our forum and spread the word about them Idea Architect Come up with amazing ideas and make them happen.
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    http://store.steampowered.com/app/265930/ To enter, just post in this thread. Contest will run until Midnight, Sun. 1/29/17 Game donated by @RavenKinomoto
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    Awesome "No matter beer or wine, it'll all be fine!" :]
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    Howdy folks, your friendly neighborhood Community Director here. As you know, VA is a multi-game community, and we would love to expand our presence in the gaming world. So, I am asking any of you who are playing games we no longer play as a community, or games that we have not played, help us expand! Anyone who wants to lead a VA guild in any of the past or future games please post here with the game you are interested in leading, and I will get with you to discuss possibilities and details. Thanks!
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    Please put me on east Capt
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    These are the Commandments for FactionZ Season 1 on Namalsk! Thou shalt listen to, and follow the instructions of, the Administrators, at all times. Thou shalt NOT cheat, or exploit, in any manner what-so-ever. (I have a particular set of skills; I will catch you, and I will ban you) Thou shalt REPORT any kind of exploit, or loop-hole, that may not be intentional that causes an unfair advantage. Thou shalt play and carry yourself with a respectable demeanor, and always have excellent sportsmanship. (on a personal level, not a in-game character level) IF a tank would happen to spawn; give it to Punisher immediately and run for cover. Communication in the "FactionZ Lobby" on Discord is Public Information. All THERMAL-Somethings are Banned and Off-Limits. Please help us identify and remove them as you come across them; and sell them to the traders. (I can see what you have on you, I can see your attachments, and you will get banned) While I'd love to have them in... the advantage is too great.
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    toss me where it makes it even.
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    Well i guess since no one else is doing it ill go west (sorry jen and josh)
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    The Leadership Reward Program is a way for the Community to say "Thanks!" to those that give us that extra amount of Passion and Time poured back into Vigilant Addiction for the enjoyment of others. Those that choose to become "Leaders of a Chapter" in Vigilant Addiction are eligible for the program. Rewards are only given when there is noticeable consistent activity, and an increase in membership, for their particular Chapter. Newly Established Chapters are subject to a 'One-Time Bonus' of up to a maximum of a $100 Steam/Amazon Gift Card. This 'One-Time Bonus' is only given out after the first 30 days a Chapter is Established and is given out to reward and recognize a Leader for essentially "Starting something from Nothing" and getting things going. Once a Chapter is Established, said Leadership is eligible for Tri-Monthly (The end of every 3rd month) Rewards, starting at $60 USD. (Any portion of this Reward can be altered, at any time, at the beginning of a Chapter or a new month) This means, every 4th month you can earn a Reward for running a Chapter! Leadership must be able to provide a working Email Address for the receipt of the Gift Card. Leadership will have their choice of either an Amazon Online Gift Card (Digital) or Steam Gift Card (Digital).
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    I want to empower all of you and let you know how big of an impact you all have had on my day to day Life. We are all community members. We are all gamer's. I want to challenge you to up your impact to everyone outside of the VA world. We now have had a new chapter in VA by having our e-Sports Division being partnered. How big of a sizable impact can we make on our Social Media's? I am also a Personality within Social Media & on Twitch.tv/ . I understand we all have a busy day to day life. Creating time for passion & others should always be in mind. Support your local friends & community members just as much as those Celebrities you do not know. Just by opening a Tab, favoriting a tweet, or spending just a few moments in a fellow Community Members Channel could encourage those outside of VA to show what kind of Support we give our members. Instead of just a 'Motto' Actions do speak louder then words. By those actions Men & Women can become inspired within a fear free environment to be themselves (a Real McCoy ) if you will. So anyone within VA that has had those moments where you have gone Days without a favorite, a follow, or a view. We can promote some local encouragement. You would be surprised a simple smile can change someones entire day. Post your Twitter.. Twitch.. Hitbox.. Beam or any Self promoting you can think of and you would be surprised putting yourself out there first could deflate the anxiety in this world. Start with a Smile.. http://Twitch.tv/theReal_McCoy You can always find me here trying to brighten anyones day!! Don't forget to stay up to date with me at all times http://Twitter.com/theReal_McCoyTV God Bless & take a page out of my own feel good instincts 'Start with a Smile..' , Cory M. Gegg your Real_McCoy
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    Server: Old man Cho Faction: Crimson Legion (Chosen during the quest "The Call of Warring Factions") Hope this helps for anyone who tries to join in the future!
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    I want to give a big shout out to our new sponsor Black Rifle Coffee Company. This shows that no matter how small you are starting out there is always people lifting people and there dreams/ideas up. Give a welcome to them and put down those energy drink pick up some BRCC coffee today!! http://blackriflecoffee.com
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    TheBS, Lolcatz and I have set up a Arma 3 Insurgency server. If you enjoy clearing small towns mixed with civilians and insurgents, looking for IEDs, and Weapons caches while avoiding civilian casualties then look no further we have these things right here( We do Zues missions on weekends, and a few throughout the week as time off from the real world permits. Below is the mod set needed to play: @Alive @Ares (Steam Workshop) @ASDG_JR 0.16 @BC-Phoenix 2 (optional but worth it) @CBA_A3 @JSRSDragonFyre (optional but worth it) @ShackTac User Interface (Steam Workshop) @CAF_AG1.5 (Patched - RDS CAF Aggressors Compatibility patch) @Kunduz Afganistan (Steam Workshop) @Nato_Rus_Vehicle @RHSAFRF @RHSUSAF @CUP Weapons 1.3.1 If you have any questions find TheBS or myself on here or Teamspeak.
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    Hi Everybody! If you haven't noticed; the Website and Forum have changed recently! Due to an unexpected 'Update' our Services were upgraded to a higher version that what our previous Theme Adjustments and Add-On's supported (could work on). Therefore, things will look a little different! The good news, is that this is still a step in a 'future' direction; there just isn't that many things around yet that support this version. So, things might look a little bare right now. On a personal level, it's starting to warm up to me, with all the features/changes. Please use this thread as a jumping off point for any thoughts, feedback, discussion, and ideas regarding the forums and the website! New Features worth checking out: Activity Feed: http://www.vigilantaddiction.com/index.php?/discover/ Here's what no longer works: Shoutbox [Fixed] Awards / Medals Social Groups Inactive Member Notification Some Pages Streaming Services
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    Yea, the designer is awesome enough to get us pretty much every version.
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    Ahhhhhhh yiss! I just notice this Warframe has a heal skill. This might be my new main...
  33. 2 points
    More like super awesome mega ultra dude man.
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    From the album Sigibuld's Minecraft Stuff

    My simple Botania area setup on the SigiPlays VA community server.
  35. 2 points
    My name is Taylor WIater/ Nishiki I applied, guys! Thank you for looking
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    So I was trying to find a bot for my streams that would be able to interface between two different platforms - Beam and Twitch - and this is exactly what I have found. It comes with a downloadable GUI making setup very easy and the website has a solid guide for getting the basics setup. One of the things I was after was a way of being to relay chat from Beam onto Twitch and vice versa, that way anyone of either platform would be able to interact and means I don't look like a crazy person answering questions that only one half of the audience would see. The bot also has many other features: Dual Twitch and Beam support Chat relay Shared point/hour system Mini games such as 8-Ball, Heists, Spin the Wheel (more to come) Subscription/follow alerts Quotes Custom commands with permissions Editor/regular lists Song requests Google spreadsheet support GameWisp support Auto-host system (currently Twitch only but will support Beam soon) Promote your stream on the scorpbot.com website (add yourself through the bots web tab) where you will gain exp and level up as you use the bot. Soon each time you level your stream will be announced on Twitter. Auto updates I will point out that this is in Open Beta so still the potential for bugs but from the bit of testing I have done it is doing everything I need and expect. So if you are looking for a bot to try out I would recommend giving this one a go and would be more than happy to help get it set up if you get stuck at all.
  37. 2 points
    Hello VA members! My name is Mikey Slice, I'm 25 and I love gaming! I've been gaming hard since Halo 2 came out. I just started streaming this year. I started to stream a mobile game called Bubble Shooter! Tournaments by Llyon. Then went to stream some console and found that my laptop doesn't have what it takes to stream. So I bought $1,500 in parts and built my own computer. Now I can stream anything I want in 1080p at 60fps seamlessly. I make about $2,000/month from Bubble Shooter and want to stream my experience with the world via Twitch. I am however the only streamer for the game so viewers are not so easy to come by. That's where I need your help. Thanks for this opportunity and I hope I get accepted.
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    Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/356040/
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    thursday SEPTEMBER 29th, 8 pm Central GEAR SCORE 825 MIN Be online and ready to go 15 mins before the raid starts. don't worry about consumables, this is a trial run to see how well we can work. and see what class make up we have.
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    We will be slowly adding more numbers to our upper management, here at Vigilant Addiction, along with the creation of Council Member positions. Founders will stay capped at 2. However we will be creating a new Position, called Council Member. Yep, you can tell this is in result of me now working for the City! We will be starting with 3 Council Members, and 2 Founders. The two Founders have perma positions on the board, and the 3 Council Members go through 3-Month Terms (at this time). Council Positions are voted on, and earned, by the community. Anyone with at least Membership Status and higher can run for a Council Member position. The Council will be meeting with the community, in a Town Hall Environment, on a tri-weekly basis. (Every 3 weeks) Every "Director" of our major wings will also be getting an Assistant, and potentially an "Intern" (3rd) position as well. For example: Director of Cookies -> Manger of Cookies -> Assistant Manger of Cookies
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    I completely agree with these two comments. I have never met nicer people while playing ANY MMO. They are hilarious and fun to be around, and helpful in so many ways. I cannot believe I was fortunate to meet a couple of players on BDO and they made me feel like part of the family. I cannot thank everyone enough for that acceptance.
  43. 2 points
    Reminder to squad leaders or shall I say flag pole placers.. please make everyone equal, todayI was playing with Nek and I couldn't add him because of my rank so he has issues at base. Thanks
  44. 2 points
    Arma 3 is certainly a potential. I have everything I need, personally, to run it.. it seems. I haven't done more testing on that yet though. People are welcome to jump on the A3 server and see how it plays if they want, and form their opinions. Also, if your friends of old have any suggestions for a good FactionZ A3 Mod (that I can use/access) have them stop by!! You can tell them that Arma 2 offers them more possibilities because of what's available in these mods. From all the different cars, helicopters, planes, guns, building... A3 still has a good slew of bugs I think.
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    Also Jen, if you're looking to buy arma III i think the cheapest way would probably be on G2A.com that way you wont spend 120 usd on it, i think arma 3 goes for around 30 usd there. https://www.g2a.com/arma-iii-steam-cd-key-global.html 30.52 usd
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    From the album Need For Speed

    Screenshot using snapshot pro in NFS. Nvidia DSR 4k resolution.
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    Here's a link to the Google Excel Sheet that will be the database for all the Weapons and Armor for Character Selection. It's a work in progress. https://docs.google.com/a/vigilantaddiction.com/spreadsheets/d/14m5nt9PxnhREVKPjUDmCogq_CLpANOMxJhjkAiMVSoI/edit?usp=sharing
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    Done I need to get into the habit of streaming more, have to work on getting the overlay done as well
  49. 2 points
    Everyone please visit this topic, and if you are able, speak your mind. This is important to the future of our community! http://www.vigilantaddiction.com/index.php?/topic/264-the-future-of-vigilant-addiction/
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