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    To apply to VA all you need to do is APPLY <-- Click! Please read the application description before applying, there may be important information there that you will need to know! If you're also applying to be a part of our Streaming Team on Twitch, Beam, or YouTube, that application will become visible at the same link above once you have been accepted into the community. Once you've completed the application form, check back in this forum section. A topic will generate with your application, we suggest following that topic so you will be notified when we reply. Please note: If you're only looking to join the Community as a Registered Member, please fill out only the first Application Form. If you're looking to become a Stream Team Member you need to fill out BOTH. Thank you! This post was written in Pink to see how much you can tolerate things. That text above was written rather small to see if you pay attention to detail, and also to see how well you tolerate things.
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    Dribbling with the TRUCK and Zero Boost... teammate comes to lend a hand. https://plays.tv/s/LCXoQ0MDC7Oe
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    Hello @Strikes sir, If these positions are still open I would love to be either the Social Media Addict (Facebook and Twitter posting) or the Website Assistant Aficionado (Helping shape/post things on the website). I am looking to get involve as I can in this team so finding this in the announcements was great.
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    Here in the Vigilant Addiction Stream Team we strive to promote our fellow streamers, our gaming community, our eSports, and our Indie Development Studio. Support your fellow streamers as much as possible. Follow these guidelines and you can potentially be growing your stream community. Remember, you are always representing VA as part of our Stream Team, and are also still held not only to these rules and guidelines, but also our VA CoC when streaming. By becoming part of our stream team, you are acknowledging that you have read these and will follow them as long as you are part of the stream team. You will also be given access to our VA Discord server, Stream Tweeting System (WIP), and announcement bots. Not to mention, a great community of gamers that will also help support you with viewership and follows. In order to advertise your Stream within the VA Community, and be on a Stream Team, the following is required: Vigilant Addiction Stream Team Requirements Must have an Official VA Logo visible on your Stream. This includes your live and stream video, and on your panel description. (If you don't know how to do this, get with a Stream Team Champion, Director, or ask for help in the Discord Streamer Chat.) Must have a link back to the community on your Streaming Profile Page. Vigilant Addiction is your primary promotion focus. Advertise VA when you can. Bot automated messages help with this too. Shoutout a follow command for visiting VA stream team members. Specific people are required to be added as Moderator status on your channels to help set them apart in chat and assist you when needed. We can answer questions about VA to your viewers when we're present and you are focused on a game. Twitch Streamers Add as Mods: Strikes12, Halrawk, Insidian Beam Streamers Add as Mods: Strikes, Halrawk, Insidian Guidelines for a Vigilant Addiction Streamer Always be Courteous and Respectful to your Viewers. When presented the opportunity, promote the VA Community and Server(s) for the game. "We're playing this game, come join us if you'd like to play with non-noobs!" Auto-Host other VA Channels when you’re not playing anything first and foremost before non-VA streamers if you are just ending your stream. (auto-hosting only stops when the current host goes offline so there are exceptions) Have a schedule posted on your Stream Profile Page for at least one day a week for at least an hour. Run a channel bot. Have an automated message about joining Vigilant Addiction. Run custom commands to announce when other VA Streamers join your channel for cross promotion. (We can help with this; see the Streamer Chat or contact a Director/Champion) Violations, Infractions & Consequences Warning - X Suspension - XX Removal from Streaming Team & Potentially the Community depending upon the infraction. -XXX Ban from VA Community If you are found not meeting any of the requirements, or breaking the guidelines, you will first be notified/warned and given suggestions/options to correct the infractions, along with reasonable time. Further infractions and violations will result in your removal from all VA Streaming Teams, Rank Demotion, and potential Removal from the VA Community. Please direct any questions and discussions to Insidian and Strikes. You can use this thread for discussions or questions or message us on Discord.

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