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    http://store.steampowered.com/app/265930/ To enter, just post in this thread. Contest will run until Midnight, Sun. 1/29/17 Game donated by @RavenKinomoto
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    Seeing as I don't have an official description of the position... we're going to wing it with some bullet points to get you the idea of what to expect: Oversees the channels of the current Streaming Team. Researches ways to increase the exposure of the VA Streaming Team. Able to be on Discord every day and communicate with their Streaming Members and Management. Proactively find future prospects to join the Streaming Team. Interview incoming prospects that wish to join the Streaming Team. Assist with Stream Setup for new members.
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    Winners announced on February 21st, get your entries in before then! https://www.greenmangaming.com/blog/weeklygiveaway-win-1-3-copies-honor/
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    I need to go through all these! Thanks so much everyone; It really makes me happy to hear from everyone. Thank you all for being apart of my silly little dream, and I hope it can be apart of your really big dreams. Here's to Vigilant Addiction and another year of amazingness!
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    Server IP: Slots: 70 Pre-Paid Until: 7/31/2017
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    Hey Peeps, It's me Morpheus. I was part of VA a few years back when FactionZ was a thing. Glad to see many familiar names still around! I put in my application a couple of minutes ago. Looking forward to chatting with you all again
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    Forgot to mention, join us on Discord! Go to discordapp.com and download the app. The just click on the join server button at the bottom of our Discord block on the right side of the main forum page.
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    Hey man, been a long time. Welcome back to VA!
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    IP: Slots: 30 Location: Dallas, TX Host: NFOServers (Reliable)
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    Per a response by the FunCom Developers; we will be temporarily disabling BattleEye on all our Servers until further notice. Official Post Here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/440900/discussions/0/133255957994803150/
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    Hello! I slapped an application in just now and figured I would write my little introduction up. My name is Jewel and I am 29 years old, married, and have two boys. I have enjoyed gaming since I was a kid and pretty much play anything or will at least try anything. I'm a pretty casual gamer these days even though I am around almost all day off and on while my kids are at school. I am a workout-a-holic and bike/run just as much as game. I run my own discord community and have been a partner with discord since they opened up partnerships. I casual stream on beam and tweet a whole lot about video games on my personal twitter. I found your community from Conan Exiles and figured it seemed friendly after joining your discord and decided to apply. Nice to meet you all!
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    Was meant for PvE one, and its fixed =P
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    Howdy, thanks for applying! Glad we made a good impression on you. Lots of cool folks here. I have reviewed your application, and all is good, welcome to VA!
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    I'll be streaming the new game Conan Exiles played on the VA servers. I'll be streaming on Twitch
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    hmmm how should I kill... I mean help everyone
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    Voted for PvP I agree with you guys a lot of our viewers seem to be attracted to those types of games.
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    FabledRobin View full stream
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    Welcome to VA! Hope you play a few games with you and maybe even stream together
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    Happy B-day, Strikes Gif as requested by Chario
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    Who is Strikes again? Are birthday songs allowed to be "Close Enough" with names?
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    This man is Halrawk. His friend code is 4570-7843-0474 Added everyone above this post.
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    My name is Taylor WIater/ Nishiki I applied, guys! Thank you for looking
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    Can +1 He's a scrub, but an ok one at that SunBro approved
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    Let's getting listing and adding peoples 2363-6541-9819
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    So, I'll start off with my friend code. 4613-6318-8076
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    Lol, no. I'm standing on the very top of the lighthouse at the Rebel base to the far south of the map. That the light under my foot is the light at the top of the antenna coming off the lighthouse roof.
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    To apply to VA all you need to do is read our About Us page, read the statement below, and then visit this Application Form <-- Click! If you're also applying to be a part of our Streaming Team on Twitch, Beam, or YouTube... please make sure you fill out this Stream Team Application as well! Once you've completed the application form; please make a post here on this forum to let us know. You're welcome to use that post as an Introduction and let us know a little bit about you... as the whole community will be able to see/read it! (Woo!) Once reviewed someone will follow up with you regarding the result of your application and the next phase in your awesome life with VA! (Suggest toggling the "Notify Me of Replies" option when you make the post) Please note: If you're only looking to join the Community as a Registered Member, please fill out only the first Application Form. If you're looking to become a Stream Team Member you need to fill out BOTH. Thank you! This post was written in Pink to see how much you can tolerate things. That text above was written rather small to see if you pay attention to detail, and also to see how well you tolerate things.