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Toxikk- Frag Like It's 1999



Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of Vigilant Addiction. I am Alberto, and I am here to tell you about a Free To Play game called TOXIKK. TOXIKK is a game that brings the FPS to its roots. If you have played a traditional FPS such as Quake, then I feel that you will most likely enjoy this game. 


What is TOXIKK ?

TOXIKK is a Free to Play and purchasable First Person Shooter. It is meant to bring back the original FPS feeling to the gaming world. Even with its fancy graphics and very good feel to the game, it isn't that popular. TOXIKK has a Mostly Positive rating for its 3,285 reviews and I can see why. It is fast paced, yet isn't so fast that new players can get kills or have any fun. There isn't a reload button, just an ammo count. And most importantly, there are no classes!! 

TOXIKK  Trailer


**This video can be found on TOXIKK 's Steam page, link will be provided at the end**

 Two Versions Of The Game

As I said earlier, there are two versions of the game. A Free to Play version and a purchasable version. The Free to Play version does not have all the things that the purchasable version does, as expected. Here is a comparison list of what features and items come in which version.


As you can see, there are some differences, but the core features such as matchmaking are still there. This image can also be found on TOXIKK 's Steam page.


Are you interested in playing TOXIKK ?

As is says above, are you interested? If so comment down below so we can get a BUNCH of VA members playing this game!! I'd like to try and get a full lobby of just VA Members!! Here are the links to the TOXIKK Steam page as well as other links that I used to make this post.


TOXIKK 's Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/324810/

TOXIKK 's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ReakktorStudios/


Hope to see you all ingame!! 

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