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Who plays or who is interested in playing Paladins?





Paladins Coming To VA?

Hello, I am AJ. I am here to see if anyone would be interested in having Paladins as a game that VA is associated with. If you do not already play the game I will provide an explanation of the game and its game-modes. If you do already play the game, please comment on this post your IGN (In Game Name) so we could possibly play in the future. If you do not play the game, please comment whether or not you'd be interested in playing. I will also provide the Steam Page as well as the Paladins website at the end.


What is Paladins?

Often compared as the "Free to Play Overwatch", Paladins is not really all that similar. Paladins is a Free to Play fps with only 2 main game modes and up to 5 players per team. PvP Payload and PvP Siege. Each game-mode is set to where there can be only one of each character chosen per team. For example, if your team has a Cassie (a female, cross bow wielding, archer) then you cannot have a second one but, the other team may have one as well and they too cannot have a second Cassie.



PvP Siege

In the PvP Siege game-mode, players must capture an objective before the enemy team and deliver a payload cart to their spawn. In order to fully capture the objective, at least one member of your team must be on the capture point. If the enemy is capturing the point a team member can stop the enemy team from further capturing the point by standing on the point with them. That also applies when your team is capturing the point. Once the point is captured then a payload appears and it must be escorted to the enemy base. If your team captured the point, the you must escort the payload and prevent the enemy team from stopping you. If the enemy team captures the point, you must defend your spawn and stop the enemy team from bringing the payload there. During this portion of the game, the same rules apply as if you were capturing the point. You must be nearly the payload in order to keep it moving. If an enemy player goes near the payload while your team is pushing it then it will stop, vise versa. If the payload has not be pushed by the team pushing it for a certain amount of time, it will slowly move in the opposite direction until a player starts pushing it again.


PvP Payload

In the PvP Payload game-mode, teams are defined as Attackers and Defenders. The Defending Team gets a head start and can move all the way up to the Attacking Team's Spawn doors during the pregame period. The Attacking Team must then go out and push the payload while fending off the Defending Team. If the Attacking Team does not bring the payload to the Defending Team's base, then the teams are switch and the new Attacking Team must pass the point in which the previous Attacking team and reached when they had lost



Are you interested?


Are you interested in the game? Check out the Paladins Website and Steam page for an even greater detailed description of the game and a full list of characters with their abilities. Hope this description was a bit informational.


Paladins Website: https://www.paladins.com/

Paladins Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/444090/


Thank you for taking the time to take a look at this post. If you get the game or already have the game, put you IGN in the comments and I'll add you or you can add me. My IGN is AJBananaMinion.

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I really enjoy Paladins, but to be serious, only when I'm drinking.

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