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VA Code of Conduct [CoC]

As a Representative of Vigilant Addiction I pledge to following the Code of Conduct presented below:

  1. ~ Never use a cheat, hack, or exploit of any kind in a multiplayer game.
  2. ~ Always keep a respectful demeanor toward your fellow Gamers.
  3. ~ Keep conversations and disagreements civil. Be able to agree to disagree and move on.
  4. ~ Do your best to keep conversations regarding religion and politics to a minimum. These usually always lead to heated discussions.
  5. ~ This isn't TNT or USA - We don't run a Drama channel, so if a conversation is turning into an Episode of the Kardashians, let it go. 
  6. ~ Be a Winner with Class, and a Loser with Grace. 
  7. ~ Trash Talking is inexcusable. GLHF and GG is all you need to know. [Best Efforts]
  8. ~ Treat females in VA with respect. Do not stalk, or repeatedly ask for boob pics.
  9. ~ Don't hog a voice channel. If you're in a Game Channel and you're not playing that game; give those that are playing that game the 'right to speak' over all else.
  10. ~ Do your best to use PUSH TO TALK settings on Discord when possible. Your fellow VA'ers will thank you.
  11. ~ If using Voice Activation on Discord please be aware of your "Food Chewing" and Mute your Mic or check sensitivity levels.

This is a living Code of Conduct - Check in for updates on at least a monthly basis, and follow this thread for updates!

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