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New Stream Team Application application from ChariotsOfThyer

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  • Broadcasting Nickname
  • Discord Nickname
  • Name
  • Which streaming services do you broadcast on?
  • If other, please specifiy:
  • Are you active on any social media platforms?
  • If other, please specifiy:
  • How long have you been broadcasting?
    Channel use to run under another name and has been active a round a year but only a couple of weeks under the new name.
  • How serious are you about broadcasting?
    Sleep. Eat. Work. Broadcast. Eat. Repeat.
  • If other, please specifiy:
    As there are 5 of us in the team we stream regularly
  • What's your broadcasting schedule?
    At least 3 times a week
  • Tell us about your passion for Broadcasting while we passionately look into your eyes as you tell us.
    We all love to stream and would love to run our own channels but due to our own free time individually we can't keep a channel going. Therefore we have pooled together to form a team that should be a lot more active
  • What do you expect to bring to the Team? (Personality / Creativeness / Helpfulness / etc)
    A community that will hopefully bring more people to VA
  • What do you hope that the Team can do for you? Aside from obviously raising your viewership and exposure ;o)
    Help with any tips on what to improve, assist with any events etc.
  • Are you willing to participate in Team Events when required?
    Yes! Go team!
  • If other, please specifiy:
  • Will you promote the Team, its members, and the Organization/Brand?
    Yes! I will bleed Vigilance, or Addiction...
  • Team members are required to assign our specific Directors & Champions as Moderators of their Chat - Are you willing to do this?
    Yes. I love the help!
  • If other, please specifiy:
  • Team members are required to have our branded Vigilant Addiction logo on their Live Broadcast & Channel Description. Is this an issue for you?
    Not a problem! I'd love to rep the team and its brand!
  • If other, please specifiy:
  • Have you reviewed the following? (Check if you have; please take seriously!)
  • If other, please specifiy:
  • All Finished!

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