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New Vigilant Addiction Community Application application from Aziko9

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  • What age group do you fall into?
    21 - 29
  • Got a nickname?
  • What's your character name in game?
  • Have you ever been part of the Vigilant Addiction Community?
    No, I have never been part of Vigilant Addiction.
  • If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question; what game(s) did you play with VA, and what name did you go by?
  • What kind of Gamer do you see yourself as?
    Hybrid Gamer (Casual when you can; but Hardcore when you need to be)
  • Have you joined us on Discord?
    Nope! Please help me get setup on Discord!
  • What made you pull the trigger to apply to Vigilant Addiction today?
    You guys looked fun
  • Where did you come across Vigilant Addiction, and find out about us?
    reddit page for twith communities
  • Were you referred to us by a current member? If so, who?
  • I understand that drama, trolling, and being elitist is dumb.
  • I understand there are multiple ways of staying active with the community. Which of the following is NOT a way to be active with the community?
    Completely disappearing after I take all this time to fill out this Application.
  • Do you have a secret phrase to add here from the About Us page?
    valar morghulis?
  • I understand that upon my acceptance to Vigilant Addiction I will respect its members, never cause Drama, never stand in fire, execute to my best ability, and get drunk (when applicable) while having fun playing games and being social. I will also do my best to represent VA and promote its awesomeness to the fullest!
    Yes! This application was full of awesome and I am ready to join the VA Community!
  • All Finished!

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