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Updated Stream Team Rules and Regulations

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Vigilant Addiction
Stream Team Rules and Regulations

    Here in the Vigilant Addiction Stream Team we strive to promote our fellow streamers, our gaming community, our eSports, and our Indie Development Studio. Support your fellow streamers as much as possible. Follow these guidelines and you can potentially grow your stream community. Remember, you are always representing VA as part of our Stream Team, and are held not only to these rules and guidelines, but also our VA CoC when streaming.

    By becoming part of our stream team, you are acknowledging that you have read these and will follow them as long as you are part of the Stream Team. You will also be given access to our VA Discord server, Stream Tweeting System (WIP), and announcement bots; not to mention a great community of gamers that will help support you with viewership and follows. In order to advertise your Stream within the VA Community, and be on a Stream Team, the following is required:
Vigilant Addiction Stream Team Requirements 
⦁    Must have an official VA logo visible on your Stream. 
⦁    Must have an official VA logo and link back to the community on your Streaming Profile Page (if on Twitch then in your panels).
⦁    Add these mods to your channel:
        Twitch Streamers: Strikes12, Halrawk, Insidian, DemonFreaX
        Beam Streamers: Strikes, Halrawk, Insidian, DemonFreaX
⦁    Turn on Team Auto-Hosting after accepting the Twitch team request.

    If you have trouble setting any of the above up, feel free to ask the Stream Team Director, Champion, or ask in the #StreamerChat channel on Discord.
Guidelines for a Vigilant Addiction Streamer
⦁    Always be Courteous and Respectful to your Viewers.
⦁    When presented the opportunity, promote the VA Community and Server(s) for the game.
⦁    Have a schedule posted on your Stream Profile Page.
    If you have a bot that can post timed messages, add a message that links to the VA Twitch Team page http://www.twitch.tv/team/vigilantaddiction.
Community Participation
The goal of the Stream Team is to increase the viewership of each member. This is accomplished by:
⦁    Talking to and playing games with fellow members
⦁    Talking to and playing games with community members
⦁    Participating in community events
⦁    Attending Stream Team meetings

    A Stream Team member that does not do the above will not only not boost their own viewership, but will also risk being removed from the Stream Team. At minimum, each member should attend Stream Team meetings and be active in VA's Discord.
    Having minimum activity in Discord or not attending a Stream Team meeting (without decent prior notification) is grounds for a warning.
Taking Breaks from Streaming
    We understand that life can get in the way of streaming, yet limits must be set to avoid long-term absence in the team. For all cases, you must let the Director of Streaming know of your situation.

⦁    If you are looking to take a break from streaming for 6 months or less, you may stay on the team with the condition that you stay active in the community and continue to attend Stream Team meetings.
⦁    If you believe that you will not be able to stream for more than 6 months, we will remove you from the team with an open invitation to come back on whenever you can start streaming again.
⦁    If you stop streaming for 6 months without letting anyone know, you risk being removed from the Stream Team.
Violations, Infractions & Consequence

X    Warning
XX    Suspension
XXX    Removal from Streaming Team & Potentially the Community depending upon the infraction

    If you are found not meeting any of the requirements, or breaking the guidelines, you will first be notified and given suggestions to correct the infractions, along with reasonable time. Further infractions or violations will result in your removal from the VA Stream Teams and potential removal from the VA Community. 

Please direct any questions Insidian or DemonFreax

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