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  2. While this run could be much better, I still managed to beat Fallout 4 in under two hours
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  4. Okie dokie. I think replies might be a bit much, but figured I'd ask/test it.
  5. Here in the Vigilant Addiction Stream Team we strive to promote our fellow streamers, our gaming community, our eSports, and our Indie Development Studio. Support your fellow streamers as much as possible. Follow these guidelines and you can potentially be growing your stream community. Remember, you are always representing VA as part of our Stream Team, and are also still held not only to these rules and guidelines, but also our VA CoC when streaming. By becoming part of our stream team, you are acknowledging that you have read these and will follow them as long as you are part of the stream team. You will also be given access to our VA Discord server, Stream Tweeting System (WIP), and announcement bots. Not to mention, a great community of gamers that will also help support you with viewership and follows. In order to advertise your Stream within the VA Community, and be on a Stream Team, the following is required: Vigilant Addiction Stream Team Requirements Must have an Official VA Logo visible on your Stream. This includes your live and stream video, and on your panel description. (If you don't know how to do this, get with a Stream Team Champion, Director, or ask for help in the Discord Streamer Chat.) Must have a link back to the community on your Streaming Profile Page. Vigilant Addiction is your primary promotion focus. Advertise VA when you can. Bot automated messages help with this too. Shoutout a follow command for visiting VA stream team members. Specific people are required to be added as Moderator status on your channels to help set them apart in chat and assist you when needed. We can answer questions about VA to your viewers when we're present and you are focused on a game. Twitch Streamers Add as Mods: Strikes12, Halrawk, Insidian Beam Streamers Add as Mods: Strikes, Halrawk, Insidian Guidelines for a Vigilant Addiction Streamer Always be Courteous and Respectful to your Viewers. When presented the opportunity, promote the VA Community and Server(s) for the game. "We're playing this game, come join us if you'd like to play with non-noobs!" Auto-Host other VA Channels when you’re not playing anything first and foremost before non-VA streamers if you are just ending your stream. (auto-hosting only stops when the current host goes offline so there are exceptions) Have a schedule posted on your Stream Profile Page for at least one day a week for at least an hour. Run a channel bot. Have an automated message about joining Vigilant Addiction. Run custom commands to announce when other VA Streamers join your channel for cross promotion. (We can help with this; see the Streamer Chat or contact a Director/Champion) Violations, Infractions & Consequences Warning - X Suspension - XX Removal from Streaming Team & Potentially the Community depending upon the infraction. -XXX Ban from VA Community If you are found not meeting any of the requirements, or breaking the guidelines, you will first be notified/warned and given suggestions/options to correct the infractions, along with reasonable time. Further infractions and violations will result in your removal from all VA Streaming Teams, Rank Demotion, and potential Removal from the VA Community. Please direct any questions and discussions to Insidian and Strikes. You can use this thread for discussions or questions or message us on Discord.
  6. Who Is "Really Good" At Minecraft? Hello Minecrafters of VA. The question above is a sort of confusing one in a sense, so let me explain it in more detail. Who is good at building, using redstone, using command blocks, and is good at being a testing dummy in Minecraft? Yeah, isn't that good of a title. But, I am looking for people who can do all those things!! Here's why!! I am trying to gather a team of these types of people to build the best Minecraft maps we can build!! I have a truck load of ideas that I cannot put into motion because I do not have the knowledge of doing so. Yet with your help I'll be able to make those ideas a reality!! Getting The Team Together. Now, in order for me to get these ideas made, I need a team. I need someone like myself who has a creative eye and can make structures and plans to go with them. I need people who like to mess around with redstone, you can be good at traps, doors, or even just plain old mass destruction!! I'll also need people to test the maps we make BEFORE the go out to the public!! These "Test Dummies" are very crucial to the map making process!! And most importantly, I need some people who can work those darn command blocks!! I know very little about those things, so finding people that know a lot about them is VERY IMPORTANT TO ME!! And finally, I will need a coordinator. Someone who can help me plan these things. Kind of like an assistant, but more actively involve with the building process. This person could be one of the other members of the team, but I just need someone to help out with meetings, build days, and so on and so forth. Other Things To Know. Now, all building projects will be done on a day in which I can do them and will be done via Evolve. If you do not know what Evolve is, then here is a brief explanation. Evolve is a program in which you can use to host a game without having to be on the same internet connection. Similar to a program like Hamachi but much simpler and easier to use. Also, we will be most likely using a separate discord from the VA one so we can possibly bring in external people to collaborate with on builds. This is a 'to be determined' thing because we might keep it just withing the VA community. Are you with me? As it says above, are you with me? If you are comment what you're good at or what you're willing to do to help out the team. I'll be talking to everyone that is interested personally so I can get to know you better or even just get to know how you play the game. Lets do this!! My Contact Info: Business Email: bananasdobusiness@gmail.com Discord Tag: AJPagn1#5691 VA Profile: http://www.vigilantaddiction.com/index.php?/profile/252-ajpagan1/ Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BananasEatUInstead/ Evolve Website: https://www.evolvehq.com/
  7. It did indeed. Does it show replies?
  8. I posted this on the forum, and I hope it notifies us in the Public Lobby on Discord!
  9. Hey strikes, just thought I'd let you know that I am interested in the Director of Streaming position. As of right now I have a pretty relaxed schedule and can hopefully do some good for VA!
  10. Think I might've entered but will do so again just to be sure! Thanks Hal!
  11. TOXIKK Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of Vigilant Addiction. I am Alberto, and I am here to tell you about a Free To Play game called TOXIKK. TOXIKK is a game that brings the FPS to its roots. If you have played a traditional FPS such as Quake, then I feel that you will most likely enjoy this game. What is TOXIKK ? TOXIKK is a Free to Play and purchasable First Person Shooter. It is meant to bring back the original FPS feeling to the gaming world. Even with its fancy graphics and very good feel to the game, it isn't that popular. TOXIKK has a Mostly Positive rating for its 3,285 reviews and I can see why. It is fast paced, yet isn't so fast that new players can get kills or have any fun. There isn't a reload button, just an ammo count. And most importantly, there are no classes!! TOXIKK Trailer Two Versions Of The Game As I said earlier, there are two versions of the game. A Free to Play version and a purchasable version. The Free to Play version does not have all the things that the purchasable version does, as expected. Here is a comparison list of what features and items come in which version. As you can see, there are some differences, but the core features such as matchmaking are still there. This image can also be found on TOXIKK 's Steam page. Are you interested in playing TOXIKK ? As is says above, are you interested? If so comment down below so we can get a BUNCH of VA members playing this game!! I'd like to try and get a full lobby of just VA Members!! Here are the links to the TOXIKK Steam page as well as other links that I used to make this post. TOXIKK 's Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/324810/ TOXIKK 's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ReakktorStudios/ Hope to see you all ingame!!
  12. Good find sir.
  13. Winners announced on February 21st, get your entries in before then! https://www.greenmangaming.com/blog/weeklygiveaway-win-1-3-copies-honor/
  14. Hey man, glad you applied! Application accepted, welcome to VA. I'll get with you soon about the team.
  15. Hi I'm Rory but most people I game with call me Biggles or Biggs. I am a new Twitch streamer who mainly streams Smite due to being in a team but I do dabble in CS, Hearthstone and any game that looks interesting "No matter beer or wine, it'll all be fine!" because there is always bacon and bacon is good for me
  16. Thanks Insidian, Great to see you again! Il get discord set up now
  17. Forgot to mention, join us on Discord! Go to discordapp.com and download the app. The just click on the join server button at the bottom of our Discord block on the right side of the main forum page.
  18. Hey man, been a long time. Welcome back to VA!
  19. Seeing as I don't have an official description of the position... we're going to wing it with some bullet points to get you the idea of what to expect: Oversees the channels of the current Streaming Team. Researches ways to increase the exposure of the VA Streaming Team. Able to be on Discord every day and communicate with their Streaming Members and Management. Proactively find future prospects to join the Streaming Team. Interview incoming prospects that wish to join the Streaming Team. Assist with Stream Setup for new members.
  20. Hey Peeps, It's me Morpheus. I was part of VA a few years back when FactionZ was a thing. Glad to see many familiar names still around! I put in my application a couple of minutes ago. Looking forward to chatting with you all again
  21. Hello Korek. Application looks good, welcome to VA! To join us on Discord, jus go download the app from discordapp.com if you don't already have it, then click the join server button at the bottom of the Discord block, which is on the right side of the main forum page. Once again, welcome!
  22. i submitted my application o thursday 2/16/2017. hi my name is chad i live in MI i am a casual/hardcoore gamer 45 years old. I play games such as ark eite dangerous and minecraft. i recently syatyed playing conan exiles. thanks
  23. Earlier
  24. Hello HK. I reviewed your application, looks good. Welcome to the VA Community! To join us on Discord, go to discordapp.com and download it if you don't already have it. Then just click on the join server button at the bottom of our discord block on the right side of the main forum page. If interested in the stream team, message LordAsp once you are on our discord and he'll take it from there.
  25. Hey guys and gals my name is Hamza, but because most people can't say my name right so I have them call me HK. I'm currently a college student studying computer science, I also work at Walmart to pay for my school, and on my free time I stream on both Twitch and YouTube. So I recently started streaming again after taking a break from streaming because of family issues, but since I've been back I've been having a lot of fun with my viewers. Most times I have like one or two viewers watching since I started up again and I treat them like family because they take the time to watch my stream and so I want them to feel welcomed and have fun in the chat talking and laughing at the stupid mistakes that I make. I mostly just play whatever game that I feel like playing from start to finish because if I enjoy the game then so will the viewers as a result we all have a grand old time in the end. Isn't that what gaming has been about laughing and enjoying games with your friends and when I read the about us page on this team I felt like this is a family of friends that enjoy games and wan to have fun. That's why I applied to be a part of it. HK
  26. Oh sweet! How would I be able to message him on discord? I dont think I have the invite for it and I dont have LordAsp as a friend on there.
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