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    Spooky's House of Jump Scares Episode 2 | She Bites! Nooooo!!!!

    By Guest

    After so many great comments about Spooky's Episode 1, I decided to put out Episode 2 right away in the hopes that it'll be received just the same. In the next 100 rooms our character seems to come go up against creepier situations and DEFINITELY scarier monsters. This game is going to give me a heart attack! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGGPfILbtUA

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  1. To start this potential multi-session blog about VA.... I'd like to thank everyone that's stuck with the Name and the Community and those that have become my good friends; instead of using me for personal gain/reasons and attempting to take advantage of me and my 'trusting & helpful' nature. 

    Vigilant Addiction started as a silly, impossible, dream. That dream, was to create a place where people of 'Technology and Games' could all come together and put their collective efforts under one brand-name and make something for themselves. 

    Today; Vigilant Addiction is an Open Gaming Community, run by that Community. Granted, it's struggling right now since the switch over... not really anyone is stepping up into an active leadership role, or pushing the community forward except the usual person or two; which makes me a little sad. Personally, I was hoping that more people would be interested in what we have here, and the opportunities that could flourish for them. But, I think I know why it's not taking off... and this is me speaking out loud. If anyone takes offense from what I'm about to say, then it's probably true... and I really hope you take a good look at why you might hang around here; not in a "Get the hell out of here" way... but in a "Take a step back, look at your goals..." kind of way.

    People want things given to them. They don't want to put in the effort, or work, to make something big happen in their lives. You don't have to have a PHD, or a million dollars to make something happen. All you need is consistency, a positive attitude, and the will/passion to keep pushing, no matter what. 

    I've been here with VA since Day 1 of course... and I've seen people come and go the doors here since 1999. I've had so many "Good Friends" just up and leave, or disappear, after they either don't get their way or things start to require a little work from them. Some people.. have left because they weren't "Granted Status" within the community, like an Officer or something. Why was that? Because they didn't show the leadership, will, or passion, to actually BE an Officer. They just wanted to BE one because they had been around awhile. Sorry fellas, that's not how that works. Respect is Earned, not given.... and we've all heard that one before. 

    I want to close this session out with a glimmer of hope... I finally found someone with the same passion and drive for VA that I have... his name is Kahmal. I know some people personally find him a little annoying from time to time... sure so I do! *Winks at Kahmal* But, who hasn't found me annoying too? I'm sure all of you have! I do bitch and whine a lot when getting spanked by all those "Hackers". 

    Next session; I'll talk about all the "Almosts" we've had; and I'll recognize a few other people here at VA that were/are so close to doing something amazing. 

  2. My good friend TooLegitToQuit and I are thinking about doing little skits in Asheron's Call like we did with the cows in the beginning of this video. If you'd like to see more, please comment on the video in YouTube!



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    Happy mothers day to all. thought i toss up a Update or two.

    Lets jump into life, work has been amazing loving this new full time gig, the hours kinda blow but it comes with the job. hopefully soon ill be able to pay off some huge debt, and be able to enjoy it some more.wife has 21 days left of school before shes off for 3 months she super pumped to spend the summer with out new boy. he should be up and crawling any time soon, hes growing too fast. But that they way things go, he super loud and hopefully moble soon. so when it gets quiet and hes no where to be seen, i''ll know something is up. lol

    On the gaming front!

    Va has dipped back into tera for who knows how long, most of us have stopped playing gta 5 not much to do once you complete all the heists. picked up a new FTP mmo called Echo of Soul from ariea games. so far it is fun, kind alike Guildwars 2 with no healer type class. but they have done a few things right which gives me and strikes Hope.

    Im thinking of starting up FFxiv again once the expack hits not sure if i wanna start from scratch or just lvl up from one of my 50's Meh i got time to think about.

    Minecraft is always going well, my build is pretty good, but still got some work to do, hopefully more people come on and play again.

    me and strikes are working on a custom pack for MC hopefully its good.

    Thats all for me this time around, see ya in a week.

  3. Sup folks! Time for random crap. Let's see....Well, I'm on 8 months now smoke free, woot! I started vaping to quit smoking, and it's worked quite well. Too well, actually..now I have a vaping hobby, lol. I always tend to go overboard with shit...So far, I have 4 RDAs - a Tobh V2.5 Mutaxion X V2, Doge, V2, and a Kennedy Competition clone. 3 mech mods - a Stingray clone, an Akuma clone, and a Penny V2 clone. I have 2 regulated boxes - a Sigelei 100 watt+ and a DNA 50 clone. 2 subtanks - a Kangertech Subtank Mini and a Herekles. Yeah, overboard. Anyone else out there into vaping?

    Lets see, on the VA front, look like Tera is getting some action again. A decent number of us are playing. Everyone should check it out, it's free to play! Also, I'll be posting up in the Hall to get everyone's opinion on a new direction for our Community Contests/Events. We plan on starting those back up soon.

    On another personal note, I've started watching the tv series 24 from season 1. I got a long way to go. Pretty good so far, almost done with season 1. I've actually been on a Netflix/Amazon Prime kick for quite a while now, catching up on all the shows and movies my gaming habit has caused me to miss the past few years....

    Anyways, guess that's all the random crap for now. Catch you guys later!

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